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New Products: G Pro by GrencoScience and Inhalater INH05

Posted by Namaste Ireland on

We're happy to announce that we've picked up two exciting new products for our NamasteVapes™ customers!

G PRO by GrencoScience

The G Pro is one of the most popular vaporizers by GrencoScience

The G Pro by GrencoScience is a technological marvel offering vaporization in its truest form, the G Pro is a pocket friendly portable that heats aromatic blends evenly for a satisfying vapor experience and at an affordable price! The G Pro is very similar in style and discreetness to the Pinnacle and Pinnacle Pro but substantially cheaper in price. Check out Kory's review below!

Namaste Kory reviews the GrencoScience G Pro Portable Vaporizer

Inhalater™ INH05

The Inhalater INH05 in Black and Silver finishes

The Inhalater INH05 uses a dual conduction-convection system to evenly heat your Dry blends. Here’s how it’s done: Once the unit has been turned on, the heating chamber heats up the material at the selected temperature. As you inhale, the air is also heated up as it circulates around the heating chamber. The air now hot then passes through the capsule and boils all the beneficial ingredients of the plant and turns them into vapors.

The latest INH05 Inhalater

Get your own G Pro or Inhalater INH05 at NamasteVapes Ireland today!