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A Complete Guide to Vaporizer Tanks

on Oct 08, 2017

In the Ireland vaporizer scene vape pens seem to play second fiddle to their chamber-based counterparts. Don’t look at this as an indictment of vaporizer pens; it’s simply a matter of personal preference, people just like their dry herb. However, if you like oils and concentrates  don’t worry, you’ll be catered to;there’s a whole world of vape pens out there! Vaporizer pens have obvious advantages, they’re discreet, they’re fast charging, and they’re easy to refill on the go.

They’re also simpler and more straightforward to use, but don’t let this fool you into thinking that there's nothing to learn about them! Knowing everything you can about your vaporizer, regardless of what kind of model it is, will lead to a better vaping experience!

One of the most important components of a vaporizer pen is the tank, it’s not quite the engine of the device, but it’s the fuel tank. The tank is the part of the vape that will be holding your oil and concentrate, so for the good of your oil you should know the tank inside out!

What Is A Tank?

Your vaporizer tank is essentially the containment and delivery system for your oil. It uses a variety of methods to get your oil to the vaporizer where it’s warmed and vaporized. There are several common tank designs; the cartomizer, clearomizer the ce4 style tank, and many more.


Cartotank is a portmanteau of tank and cartomizer, which is in itself a portmanteau of cartridge and atomizer. These vaporizer tanks use horizontal coils which run across a centre air path in the centre of the cartomizer. It uses wicks to soak up and funnel the juice from the tank so the coin doesn’t come in contact with the tank. This helps reduce the burnt taste that can occur from time to time. The horizontal coil setup tends to help improve the flavour, too.


Clearomizer is a portmanteau of clear and atomizer (these naming conventions are predictable, aren’t they?). There clear (heh) benefit of a clearomizer is that they’re transparent, so you can see how much oil is left in your vaporizer pen! Occasionally you may have to endure the burnt flavour as the wick can occasionally dry out. This is easily remedied, just fill your tank with liquid until it is wet again! Flavour suffers a tad but you get much more control over the amount of oil you’re using.

Direct Dripping

Some atomizers use a tank that drips the oil directly onto the coils. Cartotanks and clearomizers release several millimeters of oil during use, direct dripping drips a several drops of oil onto the atomizer at a time. This leads to a stronger level of vapor production and a more consistent flavour. The downside is that your have to refill it more often and it can lead to that burnt taste if you’re not careful.

Tanks are only a concern for vaporizer pens that work with oil and concentrates. Models that use dry herb like the Snoop Dogg G Pen from GrancoScience. While it is just as user friendly as any other model of pen vaporizer, you don’t have to worry about its tank.

For an example of a premium concentrate vaporizer pen is the LINX Hypnos Zero Vaporizer. The Hypnos Zero is an ultra compact concentrate vaporizer pen with the option of four temperature settings. The Hypnos stands apart with it’s glass vapor path, advanced battery and smooth vapor.

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