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Arizer Solo 2 - Cleaning Guide

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Affiliates Namaste 25/01/2019

Adopting good habits from the get-go is the way forward for getting the most out of your vaping experience. If you’re unsure on how to clean your vape, we at NamasteVapes Ireland have got your back!

3 simple session rituals to adopt today:

  • Empty the stem and oven after each session.

  • Do not pack the stem too tight and certainly not past the edge.

  • Keep the herb in the stem and out of the oven

A bit of tender loving care is always needed when you have a portable vaporizer. Irrespective of the supreme quality of your blend the quality of vapor will suffer if you don’t clean, and you don’t want that.

How To Clean your Arizer Solo 2

Isolate your parts

The Stems

The stems collect all the dirt so it is important to soak them in isopropyl alcohol mixed with water for an hour or even two. Use a glass container and submerge. After close to 2 hours elapses rinse in hot water until all the debris comes off. Repeat a couple of times to ensure all the alcohol is gone and make sure the stems are dry before using again. Stems require regular cleaning and depending on the frequency of usage clean as you use. When you notice a change in color this should prompt you to clean.

The Oven

The oven will inevitably get dirty. The first step is to get a small amount of alcohol in a glass container and dip some cotton buds in it. Using the damp cotton buds scrub the chamber to eliminate all the clogged herb particles in the chamber and on the walls. Be extra careful if you have a ceramic chamber so you don’t scratch - conventional steel is all good. A good tip holds the unit upside down to keep alcohol from dripping into the unit. For stubborn spots and if you're super meticulous, scrape them with a wooden skewer or toothpick - get right in. Your vaping experience will thank you!

Burn, baby burn!

Always ensure that you turn on the unit after cleaning, this allows the alcohol content to burn off before filling your Arizer Solo 2 up again with herb. The alcohol will evaporate off the oven but may still leave a nasty residual alcoholic taste in its wake. This we don’t want. It is recommended to do a burn off by turning the Solo 2 on turbo boost and letting it run until it auto shuts off. This should eliminate the alcohol fumes you are smelling. Nothing too complicated here.

You can get your Grizzly cleaning solution here

What would happen if I didn't clean my Arizer Solo 2?

You would not have a continuous delivery of tasteful and quality vapor.

For optimal performance, long life and satisfying vapor quality it is wise to keep up with pristine maintenance. If you happen to own one you're lucky it is one of the easiest vapes to clean and the upkeep is simple. There aren't many detachable components and the heating chamber isn't terribly complex. More time to vape consistent good vape once you incorporate simple usage cleaning rituals. 

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