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Aviator 3 vs Magnum 2

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Affiliates Namaste 25/02/2019

Aviator 3 

This is the third edition of the ‘Aviator’ series from ‘Puri5’ and it appears third time lucky also.

Sometimes it’s hard to pick what to wear and the same can be said for herb.

You may want to try dry herb or wax or even oil and for the most part you would have to go out and buy a device for each. Not with the ‘Aviator 3’ which gives you 3 options for the price of 1.

First Impression

When I first opened the box I was surprised at how compact a device the ‘Aviator 3’ was.

If, like me, you need to be discreet when you are are enjoying the herb then the ‘Aviator 13’ is the one for you. It has a stylish and smooth hand grip design with a ‘flask like’ shape that will fit both in your hand and in your pocket for ‘on the go’ sessions.

With a large ceramic chamber I found no hot or cold spots on post-inspection.


The Aviator 3 is one of the best priced vaporizers in the market that gives such a smooth hit.

While you are not going to get monster vapes like you would from the more expensive pens on the market (or dab rigs), I still got nice clouds and more importantly, excellent flavour.

I really liked the fact that there was an adjustable air flow on the Aviator 3 which allows you to change the draw resistance so you can get the pull that suits you best.

You can fit about .5 of herb into the chamber which also perfectly fits the concentrate cup provided, for your wax or oil.


The ‘Aviator 3’ comes with an optional water bubbler that easily attaches to your device to give you an even cooler, smoother hit. This obviously makes it less discreet so try it on the QT.

Tip: Turn the heating up to around 420 if your using the bubbler.

Heat Settings

What makes the Aviator really stand out is the fact that you can choose between 8 different preset temperatures and the OLED screen shows the temperature and time left to heat.

‘Puri5’ puts you in control, so weather you want small or bigger clouds the choice is yours

Temperatures range from: 320f - 450f and is super quick to heat up at around 15 seconds.


The Aviator 3 comes with a USB charging port that takes about an hour to charge and will last 1-2 days depending on usage.


Dabbing tool, Tweezers, concentrate bucket,4 mesh screens, cleaning brush, glass mouthpiece.

 Magnum 2 

In fairness to ‘Puri5’ they put a lot of thought into the ‘Magnum 2’ which is the sequel to the previous version, you guessed it.. ‘The Magnum’. So let’s open the box and take a look..


First Impression

I really like the look of the ‘Magnum 2’ - a nice stylish appearance that has kept its compact design to ensure portability and most importantly discretion.

Engineered with an anodized aluminum body, ir does not look as ‘cold’ as stainless steel.

The OLED screen shows the exact temperature which I simply LOVE!!



This conduction style vaporizer has a large ceramic chamber that will fit over .5 of a gram of dry herb. The ‘Magnum 2’ has a glass mouthpiece which cools the vape before it hits you giving you a super smooth pull every time. Add the bubbler and its even smoother.

I love the fact that it has 3 adjustable airflows to give different resistance depending on the draw you are looking for. The clouds are big and you can really taste those terpenes.

Heat Settings

If you are anyway impatient then you will be happy to know that it only takes about half a minute to heat up! What really sets this ‘Puri5 Magnum 2’ apart from other vaporizers in the market is the fact you can CHOOSE the exact temperature you want. Anywhere from 320 - 439 degrees.

This feature alone should stop you reading this and make you just go straight to buy it!!!


The ‘Magnum 2’ has a removable and replaceable battery ideal if you want to quickly replace the battery when your out rather than having to charge it. Charging takes approx 1 hour using the USB cable supplied.


Like the ‘Aviator 3’, the ‘Magnum 2’ comes with an optional water bubbler that easily attaches to your device to give you an even cooler, smoother hit.

Tip: Turn the heating up to around 420 if you are using the bubbler.


Cleaning brush, dabbing tool, silicone mouthpiece, replacement screens & glass tip.

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