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Black Friday Vaporizer Sale - NamasteVapes Black Friday Vape Sale

Posted on Nov 24, 2016

Black Friday Vaporizer SaleAt NamasteVapes we have some of the best Black Friday deals available for Vaporizers anywhere in the world. At NamasteVapes you’ll be able to get the best bargains from the comfort of your own home. If you shop with us you can avoid becoming part of the Black Friday casualty list. The history of “Black Friday” is a long one with the very first recorded use of the term “Black Friday” way back in 1869 when two unscrupulous Wall Street financiers, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, bought vast amounts of gold in the hope that they’d drive the price of the metal sky high and make a financial killing in the process.  But on Black Friday the scheme collapsed, bankrupting everyone from Wall Street bankers to farmers.

In regards to shopping, the phrase became common in the 60’s, where it was used to indicate the start of the Christmas shopping season. The word “Black” meant stores would be moving into a positive financial position from the previous “red” which meant financial losses.


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Vaporizer Sale - Black Friday A History

Nowadays Black Friday has unfortunately became associated with gangs of marauding shoppers violently battling it out with their fists and any other weapon at their disposal as they search for the bargain of a lifetime.  Nowadays, If you’re not careful black Friday can turn into black eye Saturday.

Since 2007, an American website called has kept track on the number of people killed or seriously injured during this shopping period and so far the tally stands at seven people killed and 92 seriously injured. One of the main causes of injury is the susceptibility to being trampled on as shoppers charge through the aisles like bulls in a Pamplona bull run.

In New York, in 2013, shop worker Jdimytai Damour was trampled to death as crazed shoppers fought over some TV’s that had been reduced in price. 6 foot 5 Damour, was knocked to the ground , and repeatedly trampled on, which caused his death from massive internal injuries. Since this tragic incident Walmart began implementing tighter security with armed men patrolling the inside of the store in an attempt to keep a lid on the shoppers worst excesses.

Another notorious incident occurred in Texas, when a shopper took a handgun out and shot another bargain hunter in the face, as they furiously fought over a pair of boxer shorts. In Queens New York another outrageous shooting incident happened when a shopper holding a flat screen TV was shot in the leg by robbers who stole his TV, but there was some poetic justice in the end when the flat screen TV couldn’t fit into the robbers car and they had to make off empty handed.  


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Black Friday Vaporizer Sale

Black Friday Vape Sale

All of these incidents just serve to show why you should shop safely, from the comfort of your own home, with NamasteVapes. With us, you can avail of offers where you can save huge amounts on vaporizers and accessories and Vape bundles. We’ll ensure that once you’ve ordered with us that your package will be delivered by Express Delivery direct to the comfort of your own home.


With NamasteVapes you wont have to contend with masses of fellow shoppers and you wont have to battle it out to get your hands on the best deals, because we’ll do all of the donkey work for you.

When you shop online with NamasteVapes all you’ll have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your package to arrive. 


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