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Boundless Tera- Leap to New Bounds!

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Affiliates Namaste 18/02/2019

Flower or Extract?

A debate is raging in the herbal community over which is the best way to consume herb. Old schoolers will swear by the flower. Young hipsters loyalty lies with the extract. Different strokes for different folks. But, what if your bi-herbal? What if you want both? Not that long ago you would have had to splash out and buy 2 devices. Not any more...

Thankfully the people at ‘Boundless’ have created a hybrid customizable vaporizer that will bake both dry herb and concentrates! Say hello the to the ‘Boundless Tera’.

The Boundless Tera

The ‘Boundless Tera’ is a portable vaporizer that allows you to heat both flower and concentrate. Perfect for inside and outside the home, this simple to use vaporizer ticks all the boxes. The innovative stainless steel chamber reflects the convection airflow and evenly distributes the heat to extract the terpenes and cannabinoids. Goodbye hot and cold spots!


The ‘Boundless Tera’, with its isolated airway, provides nice, smooth, flavoursome hits. Hits that can even compete with the more expensive players in the vape market.

If you’re not worried about drawing attention, then choosing a higher temperature will give you a good taste with massive clouds! Lower temperatures are all about the taste, with the added bonus of discrete clouds.10-15 sessions per charge is plenty to get you and yours very happy.

Vaping concentrates

Vaping concentrates is easy with the ‘Boundless Tera’. Simply place the stainless steel concentrate pad inside your chamber then put a dab of concentrate inside and heat it up. Within 30 seconds you will be vaping concentrates and getting that potent hit that concentrates give. Then YOU can decide which deserves to rule them all. Concentrates or dry flowers.

boundless tera


Most portable vaporizers have a select number of preset temperatures for vaping dry herb. Thankfully the ‘Tera’ is not like most. Boasting the option to select any temperature between 140° - 446° F, the ‘Boundless tera’ allows for hundreds of different user experiences.

One of the fastest on the market, the ‘Tera’ only takes 30 seconds to heat up!!! It will vibrate when it has hit your desired temperature.

Concentrates always require a higher temperature to get the best from the extract and so the people at ‘Boundless’ built in a hot 500° setting for your concentrate vaping pleasure.

Batteries and Charging

The ‘Boundless Tera’ comes with 2 removable and replaceable lithium ion batteries which is the first of its kind in the hybrid device world. It takes about 2-3 hours to charge using the USB cable provided. Once charged, relax and enjoy around 2 hours of quality vaping time.

Water Pipe Adapter

The ‘Boundless Tera’ comes with multiple accessories, but the one that we really love here at ‘Namaste Vapes’ is the ‘Water Pipe Adaptor’. It fits perfectly into 14” and 18” bongs. You will LOVE this attachment as it offers water filtration to cool your vape and produce monster clouds. (We found 400° works best for a nice balance of flavour and big clouds.)

Other Accessories

Glass Mouthpiece

Not only does the ‘Tera’ contain the ‘water pipe adaptor’ but it also comes with a magnetised glass mouthpiece which slots in so, so easily.The glass helps to provide you with an even cooler, smoother hit. The strong magnet means no more threading needed!

Stainless Steel Chamber Screens

One will be in your chamber at purchase and always ensure there is one in it. Cleaning brush.

Very important to keep any device clean to ensure longevity and reliability. Especially after using concentrates which by their very nature can be icky

Instruction Manual

Easy to understand, step by step instructions included to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Cleaning Brush

Look after your ‘Tera’ and your ‘Tera’ will look after you.

Packing/Stirring Tool

Handy to have when your filling your bowl


Winner of the ‘Best vaporizer under €200 ‘ award at ‘Namaste Vaporizers’ and for good reason. The Boundless Tera is really great value for a 2 in 1 portable vaporizer given that It’s closest competitor, the ‘Mighty’, comes in at €300.


You can hold the ‘Tera’ in one hand but because it is packing all this technology and 2 ‘LG 18650’ batteries, it means its bum is going to stick out a little. Measurements: 120 mm length X 40 mm width X 25 mm depth

boundless tera vaporizer


To get a portable vaporizer that can vape both dry herb and concentrate is fantastic. This vaporiser gives nice smooth draws and massive clouds at higher temperatures.

We really loved the water pipe accessory that comes with it as sometimes it’s nice to go old school! Overall for functionality and versatility, ‘Boundless’ have come out on top with the ‘Tera’.

Clearly the developers at ‘Boundless’ have learned a lot from ‘Tera’s’ predecessors, ‘V1’ and ‘V2’. Keeping the positives from those and adding some new improvements has transformed ‘Boundless’ into a big player in the market of hybrid vaporizers.

The ‘Tera’. A good example of ‘third time’s the charm’.

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