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Common Myths about Vaporizers

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Affiliates Namaste 16/11/2018

Vaporizers are taking the world and smoking areas by storm. They’re growing in popularity because of their convenience, handled properties, portability and health benefits.  If you didn’t know, well, now you know; vaporizers are a huge hit for dry-herb consumers, cigarette quitters and probably hipsters.

Vaping sometimes get a bad rep because it is seen as an alternative to smoking, because of this, people assume it's bad. So, today, we at NamasteVapes Ireland will be tackling some misconceptions surrounding vaping once and for all.

Vaporizers Smell

I’m sure we can all agree that herb has a smell, a very distinctive smell, too. It’s something every aficionado knows; it lingers for hours, seeps into your hair and clothes and depending on the strain, it can be very pungent. A lot of users have spent too long trying to rid these smells from their homes, clothes, hair. A huge concern of vaping-newbies is the diffusion of herb into vapor can cause the smell to linger and travel further.

The good news is vapor doesn’t linger in the air as much as smoke does. Vapor isn’t as dense as smoke and simply evaporates into tiny particles in the air that are not visible to the human eye. And bonus! There’s hardly any smell. There still is a smell, but its not as intense as sparking up is, I promise you, you don’t need to worry about the smell hanging around and getting into your clothes or hair.

Vaping is just as bad as Smoking

Let's start by talking about the chemicals and harmful toxins that is released when you light up a cigarette. To name a few, tar, ash, cyanide, carbon monoxide. None of these chemicals are in any way good for you. They cause detrimental harm to the smoker and to those around the smoker.

At any situation where combustion, the process of setting something alight and it is directly inhaled into your lungs, it is unhealthy.

When you use a vaporizer, you eliminate the process of combustion and upon use, only the active ingredients within your material is vaporized, so, you will start feeling the affects right away as opposed to combustion methods like smoking or using a pipe.

Vaping is Wasteful

It is no secret, that vaporizers come with a hefty price tag. Grinding, rolling and smoking feels like a cheaper alternative because there is no initial investment; but in the long-run using a vaporizer won’t just save you on herb, it will save you time and money! More abstract entities that control our lives.

When you smoke herbs, the cherry remains alight until you put it out. Whilst you smoke, you take breaks in between drags to inhale the produced smoke or tell your friend what you would do if you won the lottery; all in all, this means that your herb is burning away into the abyss, turning into ash and falling to the ground. To simply put it, your herb is being wasted.

This doesn’t happen with a dry-herb vaporizer, though. Your precious botanical doesn’t burn or go to waste, because you are in complete control of when your herb is heated by pressing the button to activate the system. Saving you herb and money.

“But what about the burnt herb in the heating chamber? Where do I put that?”. Well, I’m glad you asked voice in my head. The AVB (that's right it has a name) Already Vaped Bud that is left in the chamber shouldn't just be thrown in the bin, you can take your AVB and add it to some baked goods. Double whammy and more savings!

Dry-Herb Vaporizers Always Taste Burnt

People tend to complain that hits from vaporizers hold a whisper of burnt popcorn in every hit. People who say this may not be using vaporizers correctly or parroting the words of someone who is using a vaporizer incorrectly.

Vaporizers can provide some of the best tasting vapor there is and something you will not get from using combustion methods.

If there is a taste of burnt popcorn from your vaporizer, it probably means a that your herb is all used up and you need to switch to a fresh batch. Your vaporizer is dirty and needs a cleaning or you didn’t do the important burn-off test when you first received` your vaporizer.

Once you either switch out your AVB, clean your vaporizer or complete the burn-off, your vaporizer should supply some sweet tasting vapor; better than ever before.

Myths? Busted.

If you have ever thought about vaping as an alternative to smoking, why not give it a try! It’s so much better for your health and as an added bonus, it does not leave that awful taste in your mouth afterward. Check out our range here.

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