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Gifts For Him This Valentines Day

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Affiliates Namaste 08/02/2019

Getting a gift for your man this Valentine’s Day is really a tightrope: do you go with the obvious like the fact he needs a laundry hamper for his room or do you blow his mind with something brand new, something he’d never suspect?  Well, we know what we’d choose.

We’ve put together a short list of ideas to inspire you this Valentine’s Day. We’ve covered all budgets, from low to high. Hopefully some of these items will spark a few ideas.

If you don’t see exactly what you want here be sure to check out our site where there are a tonne more to choose from, you can find more here

420 - 4 for €20 Bundle

This is a regular offer and normally this bundle would cost a little over twice as much so act fast. This package is incredible value and gets updated regularly so even if you don’t opt for it now, keep it in mind. At the moment the 420 bundle is chock full of quality made essentials. This item is delivered quick and discreet, get it today!

Magic Flight Delta Box - €46.95

Being able to transport and store your dry herb comfortably and discreetly is a must for every vaper. The Magic Flight Delta Box is a sleek and really solid herb storage unit that fits right into your hand. It’s also got a magnetized seal so it’s completely spill free. This is also a really stealthy piece so even if someone sees it they may not realize what it’s for initially. Get it here.

Kannastor GR8TR V2 Series Grinder - €67.50/€80

This is really the crème de la crème of grinders. This vaporizer has a robust and durable design that uses a high grade, anodized food-grade aluminum. It can endure even the most careless owners. The GR8TR gives a fantastic selection of plates to choose from so you can grind through any herb. Also, there’s a fantastical little mesh screen at the bottom which captures all the finer keif from your herbs. If you don’t know how powerful that can be, wait ‘til you find out. Shop Now.

If none of these strike your fancy be sure to check out our full range of accessories, grinders and other great items in our online store.

Why Not a Vape?

Maybe you want to push the boat out this year and get your fella something really nice. Well, why not a nice new vaporizer? Whether it’s a dry herb or a concentrate vape we’ve got something for you. At NamasteVapes we have an extensive range of quality vaporizers to choose from. Here’s a selection of three vaporizers that may spark some ideas.

Honey Dab Pen - €34.99

Perhaps your man is more usually into the dry herb, in that case it might be time for a change up. The Honey Dab pen introduces users to concentrates at an affordable price. They give more potent hits and clearer, longer-lasting highs. The Honey Dab pen is affordable and the learning curve is pretty low. With this thing you’ll be dabbing in no time.

PAX 2 - €149

This is a bit of a leap in price for sure but this our best quality mid-range vaporizer. Pax are always changing the game with their releases. Even though this is the third incarnation of their vape it doesn’t diminish what came before. The Pax 2 uses conduction heating to heat up dry herbs in just forty-five seconds. With an outer layer of brushed steel this thing is built to last and it comes with a two year warranty.

Arizer Air 2 - €192.99

For this kinda price you’d want to be sure that your fella is worth it. This vaporizer won the prize for Best Upgraded Vaporizer, and for good reason. The second version of the Arizer Air comes with a new OLED screen for easy monitoring of heat levels and battery life and improves overall functionality. You can adjust the brightness of the screen for added discreet value. It uses convection heating and has a battery life of about an hour and a half of continuous use. Not bad at all. Shop Now.

Fall in love with our fee gift this Valentine’s. NamasteVapes Ireland are gifting you a free grinder on all orders over 150 euro and on Valentine’s day you will get a 10 euro gift card with every purchase. We hope you fall in love with our free gift!

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