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Here's 5 pro tips for keeping your Vaporizer in top condition

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Affiliates Namaste 25/09/2018

Clean your Vaporizer right

Depending on what kind of vaporizer you own, you’re going to need to follow different cleaning methods to ensure your device is fully clean. Cleaning your device thoroughly and correctly is the most important factor in maintaining your vape and keeping it in great condition for as long as possible.

Cleaning a dry herb vape

When cleaning a dry herb vaporizer, disassemble your device and separate the mouthpiece, battery, and heating chamber. Tap out any old loose herb from the heating chamber, but don’t use any water or rubbing alcohol when cleaning your oven, as this can damage your chamber. Soak any removable glass like your mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol, then rinse thoroughly with warm water and let dry completely before you put your vape back together.

Many manufacturers will include cleaning tools for getting into all those nooks and crannies, but a pipe cleaner or cotton bud can do a pretty good DIY job.

Cleaning an oil pen

Cleaning an oil pen is a fair bit trickier to do than cleaning a dry herb vape. Start by turning your vape on for a few minutes to heat up any residual oil leftover for easier removal. Once your pen is all warmed up, disassemble the battery, heating chamber and mouthpiece to be cleaned separately.

Gently clean the heating chamber with the dab tool in your kit, or a cotton bud soaked in a little isopropyl alcohol, and wipe away the residue in light strokes. Repeat this process on the heating coil, VERY gently as this is quite fragile. Use as little alcohol as possible, you don’t want to destroy the circuitry – which could leave your pen completely useless. Use warm water or some isopropyl alcohol and a cotton bud to clean your mouthpiece. Use a dry cotton bud or cloth to wipe any debris away from the female component of your rechargeable battery. Be sure to let all your pieces dry completely before reassembling your dab pen.

Get your pack right

Be wary of over-packing your chamber; this can not only disrupt the flow of vapor from the chamber to your mouthpiece, it can also damage the inside of your vape and considerably shorten the lifespan of your device.

Depending on whether you have a conduction, convection, or hybrid device, the optimal pack for your chamber’s oven will be different. Conduction devices work best with a fine grind and tighter pack, while convection ovens need a coarser grind and a looser pack so that the hot air can move freely through your material.

Store your batteries safely

If your device comes with replaceable batteries, make sure not to leave them out where they can be exposed to light and heat. Direct sunlight and heat can dramatically shorten the lifespan of your batteries, so keep them in a cool dark place like a drawer or smoke box. Another plus: If you get into the habit of keeping them in a cool contained space like a box or drawer, you're less likely to leave them rolling around on a table or surface they can fall off.

Once your battery is charged – plug it out

It might be tempting to just leave your vape or batteries plugged in to charge overnight, but leaving your device plugged in after its charged can actually weaken the battery over time. Most brands will tell you how long your vape or batteries need to reach full charge, so set a reminder on your phone to plug out your charger when your batteries are fully charged, or when your device has reached full battery capacity.

Use the correct charger

ONLY use the branded battery charger provided by the manufacturer of your vape.

This isn’t some sly marketing gimmick – even if another charger fits your device fine and dandy, unbranded chargers can potentially short circuit the battery in your device depending on voltage difference, so only use chargers made by your manufacturer – better safe than sorry.

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