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Herbalizer Vaporizer: Coming to NamasteVapes - Orders to be delivered by end of April

Buy online Herbalizer Vaporizer IrelandThis April UK and EU vaporizer enthusiasts are finally going to get the opportunity to buy the most advanced Desktop Vaporizer in the world. We've been waiting for years hoping to announce the launch of the Herbalizer 220V unit! The Herbalizer is the only vaporizer that uses a halogen bulb heating element that reaches vaporization temperatures within seconds! This is totally unheard of with any other desktop vaporizer. The Herbalizer is a digital smart-vape that features an amazing on-board color display screen and operates in three modes, vaporizing, aromatherapy and whip mode! The Herbalizer was designed by a NASA engineer and literally is the most innovative desktop vaporizer that the market has ever seen. Now available in 220V versions for our UK and EU customers we are very exciting to be receiving the first ever batch of 220V models! If you've never used or seen a Herbalizer before here is what you need to know!

The Herbazlier is a plug-in (Desktop) vaporizer that features a halogen bulb heating element. This means that when you set the temperature, the heater bulb is activated and will reach temp within seconds, literally. The Volcano for example, commonly know as the best in the wold takes several minutes to heat. The halogen heating element is unique and Herbalizer has a patent on the technology. Not only does it feature an innovative heating technology but the unit itself is extremely high quality and more importantly, very efficient. 




Herbalizer Vape - Design

The Herbalizer is designed in an egg-shape style with a lid that opens on the top. The underside of the lid contains a compartment area with accessories and easy to store. When you open the lid of the Herbalizer you will be greeted with different famous quotes and phrases like 'Ready for a bag?' that changes every time. From vaporizing tips right through to Pink Floyd lyrics this unit has a mind of its own and will always be an engaging friend! So once you're past your initial greeting stage with the Herbalizer its time to decide on how you want to use it! The unit can be used to fill a bag, used with a whip (tube) to inhale from, or used to 'aromify' the room. Personally I only use this vaporizer with the bags. Since this vaporizer is considered to be a 'forced air' unit, it means that there is a built-in fan which will force air through the herbs, generating the vapor and either filling a balloon or passing the vapor through a whip to be inhaled through the mouthpiece. What's interesting here is that when using with a whip you can still activate the fan, which is basically considered a fan-assisted mode. This is ideal for users that suffer from bronchial conditions that impede them from taking full breaths. 



How to Use the Herbalizer Vaporizer

Herbalizer Vaporizer Buy online To use the Herbalizer with the bag you simply place ground herbs in the bowl and the set the bag mouthpiece over the top of the chamber connector. You can then select your desired temperature on the display. Another great feature is the feedback the unit gives you on changing the set temperature. For example, when set below 390 F the unit will classify this range as BALANCED. If you increase the temperature above 390 F then you will be entering the INTENSE mode! It's important to remember your vaporizer temperature. You can experiment with different ranges but I find 375 F to be the best mix between flavor and density. If you run the unit very low on temperature it will produce less vapor but with better flavor. Once you start going past the 385 F range, then you will get hotter and thicker vapor, sacrificing on the delicious terpenes that come at lower temps. 
The one downside with the unit in comparison with a Volcano though is that once its reached the set temp, which is very fast with the Herbalizer, the bag will take up to 90 seconds to fill. Not a huge deal for me but definitely something to point out if you were to compare these two high end Desktop Vaporizers. 
The chamber of the Herbalizer is smaller than that of a Volcano as well so you're able to put in only a small amount of material and get a LOT of vapor from it. One a single packing of the chamber half full I'd say that you could get 2-3 bags at least while increasing the temperature a little bit each time. The Herbalizer is amazingly efficient and even though its very expensive, over time, you will save a lot of money on your herbs! Also, what I really like about using the bag is how it is able to cool the vapor by expanding it in the bag which creates a very smooth and flavorful result. Initially I was not really interested in bag-fill vaporizers until I had the opportunity to try one. The first bag I tried was with a Volcano, which is amazing. Really the only other vaporizer in world that competes with a Volcano is the Herbalizer. Volcano has been producing 110V and 220V version of their famous vaporizer for years now. So the addition of a 220V version of the Herbalizer I expect will be well received with our UK and EU customers. 



NamasteVapes and Herbalizer 

We're  very proud to be the first company to carry a 220V version of this amazing vaporizer. The Herbalizer sets an industry standard for quality and technology. There is no other desktop vaporizer on the market, in my opinion, which offers the same technology, performance and aesthetic appeal as the Herbalizer. If you're looking for a serious piece of equipment or if you're looking for a desktop vape in the same range of a Volcano, you should definitely check out the Herbalizer! 
Thanks for checking out today's post on the Herbalizer 220V version and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us!