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New Purif5 Vaporizers- Coming Soon

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Affiliates Namaste 06/11/2018

For anyone new to the vaping community, finding the right vape for you is no simple task, with so many different types out there it’s hard to know which one suits your preferences and lifestyle. Luckily we have just the vapes for you!

Purif5 have been on our radar for a long time here at Namaste which is why when they announced that they would be releasing new vaporizer we just knew we had to have them! Whether you’re looking for an upgrade, a vape to add to your collection or if you’re looking to kick-start your vaping experience the right way, look no further!


Purif5 have been known to build high quality vaporizers for a long time and what makes them even better is that most of them are compatible with a variety of materials, so if you’re new to the vaping community you now have the freedom to find what kind of vaping you prefer! Also due to the fact that they are compatible with a variety of materials you will have a wide temperature range so you have the freedom to find the temperature setting that you’re most comfortable with.

 Purif5 Vaporizers 

Puri5 Vaporizers focus on one thing, which brings the best experience out of dry herb vaping. As time passed, they have become masters of creating better products, and by the look of things, this is not going to change soon. Their goal is to leave every customer satisfied with their products, no matter the personal reasons of vaping (either recreational or medical use).

Through research and experience, Puri5 vaporizers have been designed and created some of the best herb vaporizers on the market. Furthermore, unlike many brands, their products are available at a reasonable value.

The Aviator 3

Another reason that shows Puri5’s desire to perfect their brands is vividly visible through the Aviator 3. This is the third generation of Aviator vaporizer. This vaporizer is ideal for dry, oil, and wax-based herbs, and it features a glass mouthpiece and ceramic oven. The design is aimed at enhancing maximum flavor. It does also come with an OLED display and haptic feedback. It includes 8 pre-set temperature controls, which gives you the ability to adjust a users vape experience.

The Déjà vu

The Déjà vu is yet another wax and herb vaporizer that features a clever water system filtration to not only cool the vapor but also allow you to enjoy a pure and smooth hit. The thing that makes Déjà vu the best vaporizer on the market is its abaility to produce tasty vapor

It features a sleek compact design, with a removable lithium-ion battery, which guarantees your ability to take this vape anywhere you go. In other words, it is easy to carry, making it incredibly portable.

Choosing the right vape for you is no simple task, especially if you’re new to the vaping community. Luckily though you have reliable brand out there like Purif5 who take pride in creating wonderful pieces of kit that you will enjoy again and again with proper maintenance and care. We here at Namaste are delighted to announce that they are coming soon to our store so take it from us, when they are available you’d want to snatch one up while you can!

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