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Pax 2 | Discover one of the most popular vapes hidden Easter Eggs

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CSR Team 14/07/2016

Pax 2 Collection

The Pax 2 is more than likely the most universally renowned vaporizers in this day and age. If you haven't heard of the Pax 2, then time to get out from underneath that rock and delve into the fantastic world of vaporizers! However, something that even the most experienced vapers out there might not know about the Pax 2, is that it has some secret features and easter eggs! Once reading this article you will be able to unlock and enjoy mini games, party modes and more! This post will really help you unleash the full potential of your Pax 2.

Please remember that not all Pax 2 devices will come with the same hidden features, every Pax 2 device comes with a different assortment of Easter Eggs, so there is no way of telling what will work on your device until you try it yourself. Scott Dunlop, the Chief Marketing Officer of Ploom, explains to us, the mini games and Easter Egg's add a bit of uniqueness to each device - “It’s not an early vs late, nor is it about color of the unit. We’ve randomly set up multiple flavors of the easter eggs in Party Mode, so that you all had some unique character to your own PAX 2.”

So get your Pax 2 out folks, and lets hunt these Easter Eggs down.

Pax 2 Hidden Features 

All of the Easter Eggs we have found below are found on numerous Pax 2 devices. Please Note: Your device will be capable of entering some of these modes. Some Pax 2 devices will not be able to access ALL of these features. 

In order for your Pax 2 to enter Party Mode, we must first place the unit down on a flat surface and then you need to roll your Pax 2 horizontally three times. Now this can be tricky at first, if this is done successfully then your Pax 2 has just entered the first mode. We would advise against shaking the Pax 2 device as this will not register as a turn and throw off your count. 

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Switching from mode to mode is super easy, you just have to rotate your unit three times again using the same method as the first attempt.  Check out our list below of the various different modes that can be accessed using this method:

Pax 2 Classic Party Mode

The Classic Party mode is a similar mode to the original Pax's party mode. The front of the Pax 2 has a four-petal design, each petal of the Pax 2's logo features and LED lighting system, and whenever this mode is active the petals will flash at different speeds and in different colours, creating a pretty cool light show. Also the speed can actually be adjusted thanks to the Pax 2's lip sensing technology. When the user is inhaling from the Pax 2 while Party Mode is active the lights will flash and change at a much more rapid speed creating an epic light show while you vape! 

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Pax 2 Alternate Party Mode 

Now this mode is ever so slightly different to the original party mode found in the original Pax. When this mode is active, all the petals on the logo begin stationary, then whenever the Pax 2 is moved the lights form a random light show in which all the LEDs will cycle through the same colour generating a rather pleasing colour wheel. Again we can see the lip sensing technology come into effect when this mode is active, when the Pax 2 senses lip movement the lights will flicker and change rapidly for up to 10 seconds. When there is 10 constant seconds of lip sensor activation then the lights will freeze in place.  Removing your lips on and off the sensor will kick start another 10 second light flicker display.  Always remember folks, when the Pax 2 is operational in this mode, standby is disabled. 

Pax 2 Colour Wheel

The colour wheel is a really cool easter egg by Ploom (Pax 2 manufacturers). When this mode is activated, the petals on the logo react to the movement and position of the Pax 2 device. i.e. If you place your Pax 2 down flat the lights will turn blue. When the Pax 2 is in this mode and held upright, attempt to wave it in a circular flick, and the colours will begin to cycle and flash in a dazzling pattern - its pretty epic!  When the colour wheel mode is engaged, the heater can be switched off by selecting the fifth available temperature, and you will be notified as all four lights become blue.

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Pax 2 Party Timer

Fancy a dazzling and high end light show? Can't afford to waste thousands of Euro's? Well then obviously the answer is to buy yourself a Pax 2. Duh. Party Timer mode is a spectacle, the lights will display random colours at differing intensities, all the while they will remain stationary throughout this mode. Again we see that the lip sensing technology can be used here, while in this mode, taking a draw will cause the petals to flash and flicker randomly for up to ten seconds.

Pax 2 Simon Says

Remember how good Simon Says was? Or probably more accurate for most of us, remember how infuriating Simon Says was? A game so simple, yet can make a fool out of even the cleverest of us! Well prepare yourself, because the Pax 2 is bring Simon Says back, and we're all for it. Its a simple process to enter this game mode, simply; hold your unit flat with the Pax 2 logo facing upwards. Carefully and slowly tilt your Pax 2 in the direction of the LED that lights up. Your device will continue to give directions but only if you are successful at remembering the light pattern. If you become a master at Simon Says and manage to beat level 20, the petals on your device will begin to illuminate in various different colours; red, blue, green, and yellow - a victory dance of sorts! Also, as a special surprise (as if Simon Says wasn't enough I hear you cry) once level 20 has been defeated you will have unlocked the Funkytown song! Yes thats right, Funkytown. Funky. Town. Yes.

If you happen to be a Simon Says master and 20 wasn't enough then by beating level 40 you will unlock a new colour scheme. Go on, we dare you to try. 

And that seems to be the lot folks! A brilliant Simon Says mini game and a vast array of colour schemes and light shows, all from your favourite vaporizer! The Pax 2 really is at the top of the vape game at the moment!

Let us know if we've missed any or if you've discovered any Pax 2 Easter Eggs of your own!

Keep Calm...Vape On!

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