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PAX 3 vs PAX 2 - Which One is for You?

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Affiliates Namaste 04/03/2019

When considering which vaporizer is right for you, it is worth doing a quick bit of research online, before you part with your hard earned money

Googling ‘top 5 vaporizers’ or ‘best vaporizers’ online, you will start to see a trend. Brands like the ‘Pax’, the ‘Mighty’, and the ‘Da Vinci’ will appear time and time again and for good reason. Not all vaporizers were created equally!

Like any industry, some vaporizer manufacturers want to make the cheapest vaporizer possible, often at the expense of quality materials and ultimately quality vaping. For every Yin though, there is a Yang, and thankfully brands like ‘PAX’ develop quality products with the customer at the front of their mind.

The ‘PAX2’ is, for a lot of us, the top choice in portable vapes. So when the ‘PAX3’ was announced, it was greeted with a buzz of excitement around here.

We did a breakdown of the features that both vaporizers share and the differences between the models so you can make an informed decision as to which one is best for your specific needs.


Growing up, we have all be taught that it is what is on the inside that counts and not to judge a book by its cover. This is true and we will look at the inner workings of both devices but off hand you have to love the sleek design.

Engineered to not only be aesthetically pleasing but for ultimate discretion! Both devices are the same size and weight and both will fit perfectly into your hand, so if discretion is important to you then look no further than either ‘PAX’.

Manufacturing Details

The ‘PAX3’ and ‘PAX2’ are built with an anodized aluminium shell with surgical grade stainless steel vape paths and ovens for quality smooth vaping. They also come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty!


Both devices are on the upper echelon of vaporizers when it comes to flavour and clouds. Using ‘lip sensing’ technology the PAX knows when you are drawing and will boost the temperature to maintain good vapor production.

For pure flavour like you have never tasted before and discreet clouds, choose the lower temperature. For good flavour and much bigger clouds choose the higher setting.


Temperature Settings

Both the ‘PAX3’ and the ‘PAX2’ use a conduction heating method for fantastic even heating of the herb. The PAX3 has improved its heating element which has led to even quicker heating up times!

They both have 4 temperature settings but the ‘PAX3’ also has an additional feature where, using the app, you can choose any temperature between 360°F -420°F.

PAX3 Heating Time: 15-25 seconds

PAX2 Heating Time: 45-60 seconds


Heat 1

Heat 2

Heat 3

Heat 4





Battery Life

Both devices have a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The charge time is slightly quicker on the PAX3 as they upgraded the battery increasing the power from 3000mAh to 3500mAh.

Depending on your usage and the temperature you choose, you should get anywhere from 8-10 sessions on the PAX3 and 5-10 sessions on the PAX2.

PAX3 Charge time: via USB: 2.5hrs. Charge time via AC Adaptor: 1.5hrs

PAX2 Charge time: via USB: 3.0hrs. Charge time via AC Adaptor: 2.0hrs

Shake the device and it will light up with either 1-4 bars to show battery life.

PAX 3 Concentrate Option

Both vaporizers are perfect for heating dry herb and both will fit about .3g into the oven. A major advantage of the ‘PAX3’ is that it includes a ‘concentrate insert‘ that can be filled with herb extracts and placed into the oven.

If you are looking for the best of both worlds, choose the ‘PAX3’

PAX 3 App

Connect your ‘PAX3’ to your smart phone and see real time data from your vaporizer. Not only will the ‘PAX3’ app give you precise temperatures but it also shows current battery life, current temperature, allows you to choose temperature profile selections and even play games!



PAX 3 Device Only Option has a price range of around: €199

Comes with vaporizer, usb charger, maintenance kit, 2 mouthpieces and a standard oven lid, haptic feedback (vibrates when ready).

PAX 3 Complete Kit Option has a price range of around: €249.99

Comes with vaporizer, usb charger, maintenance kit, 2 mouthpieces, concentrate oven insert, multi tool, half pack oven,additional screens, carry case and haptic feedback (vibrates when ready)

PAX 2 has a price range of around: €149

Comes with vaporizer, 2 mouthpieces, usb charger, wire brush, pipe cleaners


If you are looking for a complete 2 in1 for both dry herb and concentrates then go for the ‘PAX 3 Complete Kit option’.

If you will only be using the vaporiser for dry herb, then either the ‘PAX3 device only option’ or the ‘PAX 2’ would be perfect. For the sake of an extra few bucks your as well to go for the PAX 3 as you will have faster heating and a longer lasting battery.

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