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Affiliates Namaste 19/04/2019

Why you need a Plenty this 420

There are so many reasons to cheer this 420 holiday season. With celebrations kicking off all across Ireland make sure to find a park and you WILL find a party! Vaporizers like the ‘Mighty’ are perfect for a day out in the park as they are portable, discreet and powerful but what about later at the house party? A portable vaporizer will eventually run out of power and you don’t want your guests to leave just because the batteries did! If you want your party to be remembered (and you for being the host) then you need a vaporizer that will not only last the whole night (and morning) but one that will blow your guests away in more ways than one! The solution? Let us introduce you to the ‘Plenty’ from the legendary German giants ‘Storz & Bickel’.

Plenty Vaporizer 420 Offers

The Plenty

The ‘Plenty’ is a powerful, whip style, handheld, dual-use vaporizer, capable of vaping both dry herbs AND concentrate in its large .3g oven. 

Utilizing a hybrid heating system of both convection and conduction, the ‘Plenty’ quickly and evenly heats your material within 2 minutes! 

With 7 preset temperatures to choose from, ranging from 225°F to 446°F, the ‘Plenty’ provides a new unique, flavorsome experience for every session.

But what really sets the ‘Plenty’ apart from its competitors is the incredibly cool, pure draw you get every time thanks to its unique cooling system.

A patented double helix cooling coil ensures vapor must travel along the coil, constantly cooling at each turn, before eventually arriving at the mouthpiece, transformed into the coolest, freshest draws you are likely to ever taste.


This Incredibly lightweight (0.7kg) yet strong, safe, silent device, has a comfortable ergonomic handheld design that is perfect for sharing.

Potent purity of flavor is offered at the lower temperatures with the option of thick dense flavorsome vapor at the higher temperatures, all shown on an intuitive analogue display. 

The ‘Plenty’ has something to offer everyone on 420, from novices because of its ease of use, to pros because of the potent flavor of every draw. 

In honor of this celebratory day, the ‘Plenty’ has been reduced from €218 to €174.40.

Happy 420!


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