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POUNDS by Snoop review

on Dec 19, 2018

Since our all-time favourite stoner, Snoop Dogg, burst into the game with “Who Am I (What’s My Name)” way back in 1993, he’s always been upfront about his love of the herb. Ever since he urged us to “roll up the dank, and pour the drank” Snoop has made a name for himself not just for his prolific talent at spitting verses, but also his various ventures into the cannabis business. After investing in Eaze, a medical cannabis delivery service based in California, Snoop’s love of weed has made him a savvy and highly successful business man. Not only has he claimed ownership of at least eight different strains over the last few years, Snoop also launched the digital platform Merry Jane, an online “marijuana encyclopedia” with all the news on legalization and exciting new developments in the community.

One of his newest collaborations is with Famouz Brandz to produce POUNDS, an amazing line of inter-galactic themed glassware that is sure to launch you straight into the next dimension. So, buckle up - here’s a round-up of our favourite models from the collection.

The Rocketship Bong

The Rocketship is one of the more affordable glass bongs in the Pounds by Snoop glass pipe line. The Rocketship is an 11.5-inch-tall glass straight cylinder bong, that features a straight tube water pipe with a downstem diffuser – which really maximizes your smoking sessions. This model also features some deep ice notches and a tapered neck, so the bong fits comfortably at your mouth. Constructed out of high-quality borosilicate glass, the Rocketship is sturdy and provides the best clean flavour from your herb

The Spaceship Rig

The Spaceship Puck Oil Rig is an exciting new piece by POUNDS for the Snoop collection. The Spaceship is a great little oil rig - measuring in at just 6 inches tall, it’s like the little brother of the larger Battleship model. If you’re worried about the performance of a smaller piece, don’t be – with the Spaceship you’re downsizing on price, not on quality.

The Spaceship has some highly innovative features, like the ruffled percolator. This style of percolator falls between a UFO and a cyclone style perc, with its cylindrical shape and diagonal slits along the sides of the perc. This feature helps to filter smoke through the water for a cooler, cleaner taste, that is guaranteed to improve your sessions.

Another great element of this piece is the glass dome around the nail, which helps to retain the vapor between hits so nothing is wasted. If you really want to get the most out of your concentrates, a domed dab nail really is the way to go.

You might think with a smaller rig that you’re going to get smaller results, but this is really not the case. First of all, smaller rigs are a lot more sturdy with less opportunity for spills and accidents, and they’re much easier to clean. Secondly, smaller rigs use less water so there’s less opportunity for splashback, and more smoke per hit - it’s a win-win.

The Mothership Bong

The Mothership really is a wonderfully constructed piece. Beautiful to look at and a joy to use, the ‘Muthaship’ is the largest piece in the POUNDS by Snoop collection – measuring in at 13.5 inches tall. This expansive construction isn’t just for show – the Mothership dry herb bong features not one, but two different styles of percolators to filter your smoke for the best hit possible. With a UFO perc AND an incline perc, the Mothership gives you the smoothest hit with great flavour. 

The Battleship

The Battleship, to put it simply, is a beast. It’s easy to see why it’s called the Battleship – this 13-inch-tall, triple percolator water pipe is sure to blow any competition into the next galaxy. Suitable for both dry herb AND concentrates, the Battleship is a stoner’s dream, and one of the most intricate bongs available on the market. The innovative triple percolator system uses two turbines and a honeycomb perc to ensure that you only inhale the purest, smoothest smoke.

If you’re pretty new to water pipes, a quick explanation on how percs work: percolators function inside your bong to cleanse the smoke and ensure the smoothest possible hit. The turbine percolators will diffuse the smoke and create a whirlwind effect, while the honeycomb filters the smoke through little holes in the percolator disk. This process ensures you only inhale the coolest and smoothest smoke, for the best possible hit.