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Start Ripping Healthy, The Fierce Vaporizer is one of a Kind

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Affiliates Namaste 29/01/2019

Newly Released

The FIERCE is the newest and highly anticipated dry herb vaporizer from the legendary Healthy Rips. A hybrid device which works using both conduction and convection is brought to us from the creators of the much-loved FURY 2. They spent over a year scrutinizing creation, design and through careful consideration and testing the FIERCE was born. It’s one of the more discreet, portable, and yet powerful dry herb vaporizers on the market and could even give the MIGHTY a run for its money.

Building off the same design as the FURY 2, the device features a more spacious chamber, longer battery life, a removable battery, and an even more powerful heating element.

The Fierce Review:

How it Works

For anyone who is a fan of the FURY 2 you’ll be happy to know that they pretty much function the same way. Three clicks of the button turns this device on and the other two adjust the temperature. Users are able to manually set the sessions timer from 3-8 minutes and the unit can reach the desired temperature within a speedy 40 seconds. Vape lovers have the choice to either fill the chamber or glass stem with finely ground, loosely packed herbs and once it’s up to temperature it is ready to go! All in all, a pretty simple and easy to use device.

Bigger and Better

Although a little larger and heavier in size the FIERCE has double the battery power and comes complete with a hefty rechargeable and reusable 4050mah battery. Even on max power of 221 degrees celsius the mighty unit has around 120 minutes on a single charge. Much easier to read than before, the new OLED screen is clearer and brighter. It has also almost doubled in size and has the handy features of showcasing the remaining battery life, temperature and time left in your session.

Fierce Vaporizer

A LOT more Convection

If you are a vape expert then you will be well aware that convection heating chambers is what separates the good from the great. Not only is convection heating much more efficient at transferring heat but it should also result in a much faster heat up time- good news for all. With the FIERCE you get the best of both worlds, the hybrid has a 33% larger baking chamber whilst also utilizing less radiant and conductive heating than the FURY 2. It will heat up quicker than ever before and lead to evenly heated and smooth vapor.

Charging Capabilities

One of the more impressive features of the new Healthy Rips vaporizer is the ultra-new charging technology (USB-C). Being USB-C compatible allows the device is charge ultra fast in comparison to other vapes on the market. The only common downside to USB-C is that at the minute it’s pretty rare so if you run out of battery on the go and forget your cable, you may be out of luck. Negative scenarios aside, the FIERCE charges extremely-fast and can come back from the dead to full charge in just under two hours

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