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The Best Vapes For Festival Season

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Namaste Vaporizers Ireland Admin 26/10/2017

It’s the height of summer and that can only mean one thing! It’s festival season! Now we don’t need to produce a peer reviewed study to convince you that there is somewhat of an overlap between herb fans and music fans, naturally people are going to want to bring their vapes along to the festival so they can enjoy herb as well as some of their favorite live acts.

Of course our vaporizers are for aroma-therapeutic purposes, it’s important to remember that before bringing one to a public event. Not that anyone would indulge in anything illegal at a festival.

So what would be the best vaporizer to bring with you when you’re camping at a festival for three days and three nights? Obviously you need something rugged, reliable, and with a battery good enough to see you all the way through. So without further adieu let's look at the best vaporizers you could bring to a festival.

The Apollo Airvape Xs Vaporizer


The Apollo Airvape Xs is a fantastic herbal vaporizer that heats your herb with a combination of conduction and convection technology to achieve a thick, flavourful vapor in next to no time. Its ultra thin design makes it eminently portable, which is perfect for rambling around a festival when you don’t want anything weighing you down. The Xs is an extremely smooth vaporizer that is also very subtle, you won't have to worry about any lingering smells with this vape!

Festivals are hives of activity and there’s a new distraction around every corner, there’s a real chance that you may forget that you turned your vape on! Worry not the Xs comes with a vibrating alert that will let you know it’s ready for use.
The Xs is encased in a tough metal shell that will protect your vape from all but the most catastrophic of accidents. Despite this tough outer that can more than stand up to the day to day trials of a festival the Xs remains stylish and discreet. As far as battery goes the Xs wiss see you through several extended sessions, and on top of that it’s charged through a USB connection, which means you can charge it from an external battery!

Iolite Wispr 2

Portable Vape

The Wispr 2 is a fantastic pocket sized vape that uses a patented butane heating system that is far more efficient and effective than the electric alternative. The Wispr is meant to be used when you’re on the move, perfect for when you’re sprinting from act to act! It can be used anywhere you don’t need to plug it in, charge or light it, it just works! It reaches vaporizing temperatures in just forty-five seconds!

It uses a unique butane vaporizer technology rather than a flame or a heating element. The flameless butane heater uses a bi-metal thermostat that makes sure your dry herb gets heated to the ideal vaporising temperature. The Wisper can hold up to 30 minutes worth of butane and is easily refillable.

This is the ultimate solution to your battery woes: ditch the battery entirely!

The G Pro Vaporizer


The G Pro is one of the most discreet vaporizers we stock, it resembles a standard issue E-cig and is nice and compact. The internals structure of the G Pro is made out of a stainless steel chamber which uses convection vaporization to generate thick, tasty vapor.

The G Pro has three variable temperature setting that enable it to provide a stellar vaping experience. It is perfect for long sojourns away from an AC outlet and if worst comes to worst and you need to  charge, it’s easy with its USB charging cable.

For an even larger selection of fantastic portable vapes check out our Ireland webstore.

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