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The perfect vape to bring with you this St.Patrick’s Day

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Affiliates Namaste 15/03/2019

Despite being a day of celebrating our patron saint, I think we can all agree that St. Patrick’s day more often than not ends up being absolute carnage. From drunk youngsters to hoards of tourists, most of the day is spent elbowing your way through the crowds in an effort to keep your overpriced pint of the black stuff as safe as humanly possible.

Thankfully, we’ve come up with the ultimate list of vapes to help you keep your cool and super-charge the sesh this weekend. From dry herb devices to concentrate pens, Namaste Ireland has got you covered for the best vapes to take out on the lash this Paddy’s day!

Storz & Bickel Crafty

While the Mighty is an absolutely fantastic device, it’s about as discreet as an English stag-do storming through Temple Bar in giant green leprechaun hats.

So, if you’re looking for that same delicious Storz & Bickel vapor without the literal baggage that comes with it, enter the Crafty: smooth, tasty vapor in a device half the size! While you’re trading in one lithium ion battery for a more compact design, you’ll be rewarded with that same great tasty vapor and thick clouds Storz & Bickel devices are famous for. Even with only one battery, you’ll still get approximately 45 minutes of continuous use which is more than enough for most vapers. The Crafty is also charged via USB, making it easy to charge on the go.

With it’s industrial design, the Crafty is also an incredibly sturdy device and will absolutely withstand a drop or two (or ten, depending on how many jars you’ve had). And if you’re still worried about the conspicuousness of this unit, don’t be - you can count on the rowdy St.Patrick’s day crowds to keep you well under cover.

Pax 3

If the Crafty is still just that bit too bulky for you, look no further than the Pax 3. This unit is sleek, compact, and fits comfortably and discreetly in the palm of your hand for on-the-go vaping. With a mere 15 second heat up time, the Pax 3 won’t leave you looking over your shoulder waiting for your device to get ready for use. This is all thanks to it’s high-tech temperature system, which gives you tasty, smooth vapor even with conduction heat.

Our favorite thing about the Pax 3 has to be the Bluetooth app. The add-on smartphone app (which is compatible with both iOS and Android systems) gives you full spectrum temperature control, so as long as you’ve got your phone charged you can adjust your heat setting down to single degree increments (if you’re really that nit-picky about it).

Paxlabs have also significantly improved battery life since the Pax 2 unit, with around 15-20% more battery capacity in the Pax 3. On average, the Pax 3 lasts for 1.5-2 hours of continuous use - giving you plenty of horsepower for a day of celebrating pints, patriotism, and Paddy himself!

DaVinci IQ & MIQRO

There’s a reason the DaVinci IQ has made it to so many top vaporizers lists since its release, thanks to its great tasting vapor in an easily portable dry herb unit that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. 

One of the best features of the DaVinci IQ is the Smart Paths feature, which gives users 4 pre-configured 10-minute sessions, that gradually increase in temperature to really get the most out of your material.

You can downsize even further by opting for the MIQRO, which measures in at a whopping 33% smaller than the IQ. While you’ll end up with a smaller oven and less battery life, you’ll still get most of the IQ features including Smart Paths technology.

Despite operating off conduction heat, the interior of DaVinci units is constructed out of high-quality ceramic zirconium, which is one of the best ceramic materials for conducting heat efficiently. Combined with 360-degree conduction heating gives you smooth draws, great tasting vapor, and evenly vaped material, all with the speedy heat-up time that comes with conduction technology.  

This sturdy little vape can last for up to 90 minutes of continuous use, which is more than enough to take you from the Paddy’s day parade to the pub, to whatever divilment you get up to after.

Kandypens Rubi

Along with the Pax 3, the Kandypens Rubi is one of the more versatile vapes on this list. Compatible with oil concentrates and any e-liquid your heart desires, the Kandypens Rubi caters to so many different tastes - with a high-quality ceramic coil to bring out the best flavor and performance from your liquid, whatever that may be. The Rubi has been endlessly compared to the Juul, but despite the phenomenal success of the latter, the Rubi is actually even better, as it allows you to fill the liquid chamber with your own liquid instead of buying pre-filled cartridges.

It’s sleek, the minimal design makes it the best option on this list for discreet vaping on the go, since it also functions as an e-liquid vaporizer pen. In terms of design, the Rubi is actually quite sturdy for such a slim and portable device. With a sturdy metal exterior and a leak-free liquid chamber, this is the perfect device for all your rambunctious Paddy’s day partying.

The Rubi is also breath-activated, meaning you don’t even have to turn it on and wait for it to heat up - all you have to do is start puffing away to get this unit up and running.

One full charge should last most people a full days use, however, the Rubi is easily charged via micro USB. Considering just how teeny this vape is, you could easily fit it in your pocket along with a portable charger to keep the party going.


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