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The top 4 essential vaporizer accessories

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Affiliates Namaste 04/07/2017

The Ireland vaporizer scene is growing at an exponential rate. Everyday more and more people are deciding to buy a vape and enjoy their herb in the most healthy and efficient way possible. Though vibrant, the vape scene is still relatively new and the orthodox techniques have not been established.

There is plenty of established wisdom that ensures that first time users of bongs, pipes, and joints have guidelines to follow to help direct their first faltering steps into the Ireland dry herb scene. However when it comes to vapes there’s no hard established knowledge. There is a huge range of accessories and addons that can augment your vaping experience that newcomers are missing out on!

To remedy this we have compiled this introductory list to the various accessories and errata that surrounds our premium selection of vaporizers.

A Herb Grinder 


Grinders are perhaps one of the most vital accessories when it comes to getting the most out of your vaping experience. Vaporizers work by heating up your herb until the active ingredients heat up and evaporate. This process acts across the entire surface area of your herb, so the more surface area you have the better the quality of the vapor. The best way to ensure that you have plenty of vapor exposed is to grind your herb finely, this is particularly important for a conduction vaporizer.

The Grizzly Originals VGrinder is a fantastic herb grinder made entirely out of anodized aluminium. It guaranties a fine grind and is more than capable of standing up to the day to day trials of life!

Cleaning Solution

Vaporizer cleaning products

Herb gradually secretes resin over time. This process can be accelerated by the heating process in a vape’s chambe. Eventually this resin and grime can build up inside your unit and begin to clog it. If ignored this can lead to blocked chambers, clogged airways, and in conduction vapes a build up that can eventually create hot spots and combustion!

The best way to deal with this is to get a small, soft brush and cleaning solution. Use the cleaning solution to dissolve the grime and carefully wipe it away, the small brush is to break up the tougher build up. A fantastic purpose made cleaning solution is Grizzly Originals Cleaning Solution.


Vaporizer screens

A screen is a purpose built piece of gauze, plastic, or even steel that serves as a barrier between your herb and the airpath of your unit. It allows the air to flow through while blocking rogue particles of loose herb and resin build up. If herb and resin gets into your airpath it can cause a whole host of problems, such as combustion, ruining the taste of your hip, and in extreme cases even blockage. Generally screens are disposable as over time they get clogged and start to block your air path. Some screens are intended to be cleaned out, with a glass of cleaning solution you can do this in no time. Screens are generally bespoke made for particular vaporizer so if you shop smart you’re guaranteed a great fit.

A Water Tool

Vaporizer water tool

The water tool is a more advanced piece of vaporizer kit; it is in essence a mini bong that clips over your mouth piece, cooling your vapor during each hit. It does this by pulling the vapor through a water-cooled tube. It differs somewhat from a bong in that the vapor never actually comes into direct contact with the water, obviously it can’t do this as vapor is water soluble!

Each water tool is specially designed to fit to a specific vaporizer, so be sure that you get the correct one for your unit!

For a broader selection of herb accessories to enhance your smoking or vaping experience, be sure to check out our Ireland web store.

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