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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Replacement Vaporizer Accessories 

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Affiliates Namaste 19/06/2017

Everyone in the Ireland vaporizer scene knows that a decent vape is a serious investment. You want quality, so you’ll be paying for it with your hard-earned cash. While many are high quality units that are more than capable of handling the rigors of day-to-day use disaster can strike. Or perhaps you want to augment your vape with extra components? A spare battery, longer mouthpiece, or a carry bag to protect it from harm are all useful tools to make your vape experience better. Whatever your reason, we’ve compiled an exhaustive list of all the different components and accessories you might need!

Replacement Vaporizer Accessories.


Your vape ain’t going nowhere with a flat battery, so keeping a charger handy is a necessity, making it one of our most popular replacement vaporizer accessories. Unfortunately as many of us can attest, chargers have an uncanny habit of occasionally disappearing. When this happens don’t worry, we stock a huge array of chargers specifically made for Ireland AC outlets. If you’re away from home and need to give your battery a boost we also carry a range of car chargers, like the Da Vinci Ascent Car Charger, that will let you keep your vape topped up while you’re on the road.

A charger without a battery is about as much use as a battery without a charger! We carry a whole range of batteries for many of our vaporizers, all of which are sourced from their respective manufacturers so you don’t have to worry about quality or compatibility. Having a spare battery on hand for a quick switch is perfect for those occasions when you’ll be far from the next AC outlet!


Screens are fine meshes  for holding your dry herbs in place in convection vapes while hot air flows through them. Over time the resin created during the vaping process sticks to the screen. Over time this will lower the quality and quantity of the vapour produced. All of our replacement Ireland vape screens come in multipacks so one pack will give you enough screens to last you months!

Mouth Pieces

The mouthpiece is the part of your vape that sees the most action. It’s going to be in contact with your mouth and all of the vapour produced in your unit so it will need frequent cleaning. To make this easier on you many mouth pieces are removable. This, while convenient, can make it easy to lose. Luckily we carry a huge range of replacement mouth pieces.

Add-On Vaporizer Accessories

Cleaning Products

Over time you’ll find that resin can build up on parts of your vape as you use it. This can impact the quality of your vapour so it’s good to clean it out from time to time. Our Ireland store has everything you’ll need to keep your vape ship-shape and shiney. A soft bristle brush and cleaning solution will help you dislodge any resin build up with minimum fuss!


To get the most from your herb when you vape it’s essential that you grind it down finely. This increases the overall surface area making for a smoother vapour with minimal wastage and you can also fit more into your chamber! Some even say that grinding your herb releases more flavour! The best way to do this is with a specialised grinder, which is the most efficient tool in the most compact package.

Power Banks

Power banks allow you to carry an extra charge for your vape when you’re out and about! When you’re away from a power source it can be a worry that your vape will die and leave you high and dry. With our selection of chargers, calibrated for Ireland voltage, you’ll never need to worry about that again!

Aromatherapy Blends

Aromatherapy blends are specially dried and prepared herbs that work with your vape to release their active ingredients for their health benefits. We always recommend that you grind your herb finely to ensure that a minimal amount is wasted. Our Ireland store has a selection of aromatherapy blends, from chamomile and eucalyptus to peppermint and basil,we have something for everyone.

Water Tools

Water tools adapters for vapes are essentially mini-bongs and they work exactly as you’d expect! They use water to cool the vape to ensure the smoothest hit possible. These add a bit of bulk to your basic vape so generally they’re intended for home use, but if you have the means to transport it then there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying it when you’re out and about! Our Ireland store has all manner of water tools and adaptors for vapes of any persuasion.

Now you know that your basic vaporizer can be repaired and augmented in all manner of ways! Check out our accessories section to see how many different components are available and find out what the best way to augment your vape experience is.

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