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The Volcano - The Best Desktop Vape In The World?

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CSR Team 04/07/2017

Desktop herb vaporizers are the last work in thick, tasty vapor. Unlike their portable cousins they don’t have to trade off any features to save on size. This means that they can cram extra features into their unit, everything from crystal clear LED displays to hybrid heating systems.

Storz & Bickel’s Volcano Classic is the king of the hill in the Ireland vaporizer scene. It is, simply put, the best desktop vaporizer on the Ireland market. The volcano gets its name from its smooth cone shape, and packed into this structure is a lot of cutting edge technology.  With a hybrid heating system, an exact temperature control, and high quality user friendly controls, the Volcano will guarantee you the best herb experience you could possibly get from a desktop vaporizer.

The Volcano Classic plant vape is the first iteration of Storz & Bickel's famous desktop vaporizer. It was the first plant vaporizer to use the German manufacturer's patented technology that filters toxins, tars, and carcinogens out of your herb vapor. This process also intensifies the flavour and effect of the active ingredients by a broad margin, approximately 75%!
The unique shape of the Volcano gives you ample room to circulate and thicken the vapor drawn from your herb in its extra large chamber. It uses a fan with adjustable speeds to fill a balloon through a valve. Once the balloon is completely filled it can be detached for extra portability, allowing you to enjoy your vapor at your leisure anywhere in your house! The balloon can hold vapor for up to eight hours and its unique, quality design won’t let you down.

The Volcano is hand built to the highest standards and the held to an exacting level of quality. These standards were applied during the design process of their patented easy valve. The easy valve is, naturally enough, very user friendly and easy to use. The valve comes attached to the balloon so no more fiddling with a balloon attempting to attach it to the valve. The Volcano classic comes packaged with five easy valve balloons. Each balloon is good for about 50 uses before you have to switch it out for a fresh one.

The Volcano uses both conduction and convection in its hybrid heating system, meaning that you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. The conduction element means that the heat up time for the chamber is incredibly short, so you don’t have to wait to enjoy your vape experience. The convection element circulates hot air across your herb, evenly evaporating a rich and thick vapor for you to enjoy. For best results grind your herb before placing it into the chamber of your Volcano; it increases the amount of surface area in contact with the convection heating and increases the quality of your vapor while efficiently using all of your herb.
Also know when it’s time to switch out your herb, once you start getting a burnt popcorn taste it’s time to get a new batch!

It was thought that Storz and Bickel perfected the desktop vape with the Volcano Classic, but they managed to improve that design even further with the Volcano digit.

The Digit uses a hyper-precise digital controls and and easy to read LED display. To make room for these additional features the Digit is somewhat larger and heavier than its analogue compatriot.

However this extra bulk is the pay off for a hyper precise display that shows you the current chamber temperature, the estimated heat up time, and the pre-programed temperature.

The choice is yours; do you prefer the old school feel of an analog control, or do you want the tiny adjustments made possible with digital controls. Whatever you pick the Volcano is a vaporizer that wont let you down and will guarantee you an excellent vaping experience.

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