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Top 10 Vaping Mistakes You Need Avoid?

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Affiliates Namaste 30/03/2017

vaping mistakes

When starting of on your vaping career there are loads of vaping mistakes which you should be avoiding like the plague. One mistake you certainly should be avoiding is charging in like a loose cannon and firing all over the place. You need to be prepared for what lies ahead. The old saying of 'fail to prepare than prepare to fail' is a very relevant when it comes to vapes.  There is no point in you going in like a headless chicken and making a mess of things as this will result in a very unhappy you. How do you avoid these pitfalls? One of the first things that any self respecting vape enthusiast must do is to get as much information about the device they intend to purchase. Like a good General on the Field of Battle you will need to do your reconnaissance- to see what your own troops are up to and what the enemy is up to.  Basically what I'm trying to say is that you need to educate yourself on vaporizers. Some of these mistakes are obvious ones and others are not quite so obvious. What you'll need to take into account is the whole picture, but fear not, because today is your lucky day as the Vaporizer Guru will be on hand to guide you every step of the way. The Vaporizer Guru makes all the mistakes so you don't have to. I  will be the proverbial Guinea Pig so that you wont have to fall into the same traps that I've fallen into. So now its time for you to kick back, relax, and be educated on the Top 10 Vaping Mistakes.

  • Not Buying a Vaporizer


The number one mistake that you can make is not taking up vaping in the first place. Anybody who is content to continue smoking and combusting their herbs in an idiot of the highest order. The reason why people continue to fill their bodies full of harmful toxins is mind boggling.  Once you own a vaporizer your health will almost automatically begin to improve as your lungs and every other vital organ will thank you for using a vaporizer. It has been scientifically proven that using a vaporizers results in the reduction of toxins entering into your bloodstream by as much as 95%. What this will lead to is a healthier and happier you. At the end of the day, why would someone want to play Russia Roulette with your health, when they can be using vaporizers and receiving all the the nutrition that comes with them? Stop all of them nasty habits that are holding you back and get vaping now!

  • Buy Cheap Vapes


One of the major problems that I keep coming across is people purchasing the wrong vaporizer. Just because something has a lower price tag it doesn't necessarily mean that its going to perform as well as a higher end device.  A major issues with these cheaper units is that they're just prone to breaking and malfunctioning.  What you should always try and do to get as much information as possible about various vaporizers before you part with your cold hard cash. You should try and search  the internet and find out what people are saying about particular vaporizers. In general, the old rule in life, you get what you pay for, is a pretty true saying. Now, I'm not trying to say that all cheaper vape pens are useless, but what I am trying to say is you just need to be aware of the pitfalls out there before you decide to buy one. There are some good value machines that will function well but you just need to be tread carefully when purchasing one.

  • Cleaning your Coils

vaping mistakes

One of the most vital and most underestimated areas where you'll need to take a look is your coils. People take it for granted that their coils will automatically stay clean by themselves but this isn't the case. If you coil gets dirty it will effect the taste of you vape and this most certainly is something you'll want to avoid.  So when you purchase a vape always make sure to adhere to the guidelines set down in the manual when it comes to cleaning coils. I remember once when I  hadn't cleaned the coil of my vaporizer for nearly one month and all of a sudden the standard of the vapor seemed to be getting worse and worse. I was scratching my head wondering why the standard of the vapor had dropped so much, and when I went and read the manual, I discovered that I wasn't cleaning the coil like I was supposed to. Once I took out the coil and cleaned it I couldn't believe the difference in the standard of the vapor. So my only advice is to get out there get yourself a vape and follow the instructions on the manual that you're given.

  • Too Much Too Soon

vaping mistakes

Another major mistake that newbies make is that they try to do too much too soon.  Some people when they get their hands on their first vape they get all excited and they just overdo it. If you draw too  much of the herbs out of your vaporizer this can result in you experiencing nasty side effects like anxiety and panic attacks.  Some materials such as concentrates can result in you getting extremely buzzed,  and very quickly, but if you take your time and only have a few small puffs then you should be able to safely enjoy your concentrates.  Of course if you're only intending to take plants then normally you'll be able to vape away until your hearts content. But certainly you should be aware that vapes do pack quite a punch. 

  • Clones


Just because you see some Firefly or a Pax 3 at a knockdown price this doesn't automatically mean its real. What people need to consider is that there are tonnes of clones and fake vapes out there in the marketplace. Its a true saying, that if its too good to be true then it probably is, and this is the case when you see some vapes at suspiciously low prices.  There are are loads of websites and manufactures out there that are producing these fake vapes that will be prone to breaking down and falling apart. What you should try and do is to buy your vaporizer from an established company that you can trust, like Namaste, where you'll be sure to get the best vapes and at the best value. Also at Namaste you'll never have to worry about getting some fake product as you can be assured that every vaporiser you purchase will be the real mccoy. 

  • Buying The Correct Materials


Another major mistake that I usually come across is that people buy the wrong materials for their vaporizer. If your machine only works with oils and concentrates well then you will have to get your hands on the correct materials.  Its incredible the amount of times that people purchase an oil based vaporizer and then begin to stuff the vape full of plants resulting in a bad vaping experience.  Some vapes like to market themselves as being multi functional vaporizers that can vaporise both oils and plants, but many of these machines fail to live up to their billing.  Of course, you can get your hands on a top quality machine that will perform admirably  well with all kinds of materials but these devices are few and far between. But they are out there.  From my experience, it can sometimes be a wise choice to purchase a vaporizer that exclusively vapes one set of materials.

  • Read the Instructions

vaping mistakes

Not reading the instructions is one of the most common vaping mistakes that people end up making. One of the very first things you should try and do is to get the instructions that come with your vaporizer and analyse all of the advice that will be there.  I can understand why people may want to charge in and start vaping straight away but in the long run this will be a bad strategy as it can lead to you encountering many problems in the future.  This may sound like very simple advice, and it is, but sometimes the simplest advice is the best advice. 

  • Not Doing the Research

vaping mistakes

Another common vaping mistake is not doing your homework before you purchase your vaporizer. The fact is that there are tonnes of vapes out there in the marketplace and trying to pick the correct one for you can be quite a difficult task. The first thing that you should try and do is to gather as much information as possible before you make the big decision. One of the things  you'll have to decide is whether you want to vape on the go or whether you want to vape at home. If you intend to sample your materials when you're out in the open air well then you should always side with purchasing a good quality portable vaporizer.  There are many different brands out there and some are better than others. In order to find out whether a particular device is for you you should search for reviews on the internet and see what people are saying about that unit.  Another thing you could decide to do is to go to someone who has already has the vaporizer you're interested in and ask them what they think, and perhaps, even ask them can you use it for a while. 

  • Not Getting The Proper Grinder

vaping mistakes

A huge mistake that I see people making is that they don't get the proper grinder to grind their materials down to the perfect consistency.  The thing that people need to factor into the equation is that some grinders will have your materials very fine and other grinders will have your materials at a coarser consistency.  It is vital that you have knowledge of the type of herb that you'll be putting inside your vaporizer. Some vaporizers only operate at maximum consistency when the herbs are like fine dust, but others will require that your herbs have a certain thickness to them.  What you'll need to take into consideration is whether your grinder is meant to grind your materials into tiny sand dust or whether it is supposed to leave that aforementioned thickness to your herbs. 

  • Vaping at the Wrong Temperature

vaping mistakes

Another major vaping mistake is doing at the wrong temperature. This really is one vaping mistake that will leave you roaring with frustration because if you vape at the wrong temp this will lead to nasty combustion issues. Believe me,there is nothing worse than settling in and preparing yourself for some beautiful vapes and then your vape explodes like Mount Vesuvius with smoke going all over the place. What this means is that your herbs are wasted, your buzzes are interrupted, and you're left as one unhappy camper. The specifications for what temp you should be vaping your materials at may vary- just because the optimum is 180c to 210c this doesn't mean that this range will be suitable for all vaporizers.  You should play around with your device until you get the perfect temp that will give you the buzz that you richly deserve. 


If you're a wise person you'll be taking on the board the advice that I've dispensed above. Because the facts are, that  I, the Vaporizer Guru,  make all the mistakes so that you don't have to!!  I am the man that will stand there and take a hit for the team, and all because I want you to have the best vaping experience imaginable!! I'm sure that you've gathered by now that there are loads of things that you need to take into consideration when purchasing a vape. And of course some of the vaping mistakes are worse than others, but even if you only take a little bit my advice on board I feel that it will make a big difference to your vaping career.  Because the last thing that you'll want is for your vaping career to get off to a bad start, but if you take my advice you should get of to a golden start.  In finishing, I hope that that the blog post has been informative and that you've learned whats what.  All I can say is that I sincerely hope that you get out there, get vaping, and  have the time of your life.

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