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Your Guide to Throwing the Ultimate Herb Themed Party

on Oct 30, 2018

You might have stopped trick or treating some ten plus years ago, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still avail of some fun Halloween activities. The best of these being the parties and everything that comes with them. You still get to dress up (Halloween costumes for adults are much better anyway), get drunk, and horse through unlimited amounts of sweets. It’s settled… Halloween is much better as an adult and when you see our spooky party ideas you will know why. Here’s how to throw the ultimate herb themed Halloween party.  

Herb Themed Costumes 

The first thing you need for a Halloween party is an awesome costume. No body want to be the guy that didn’t make the effort or the girl who draws some whiskers on her face and goes as a cat, seriously, don’t do it. So, what better way to kick off the herb themed celebrations than to dress up as Jack the Tripper or the Grim Reefer? If you are big into DIY then get the crepe paper out and go as a blunt. The possibilities are truly endless, and we haven’t even started discussing strain costumes. This is one for the guys who know their stuff and most certainly know their strains. Dress up as green goblin, a white widow, or even just some cheese. Smoke up and get creative, we know you will think of something great.  

Make Some THC Treats 

No gettogether is complete without some party food and chances are if you are having a herb themed party you will have a few serious cases of the munchies. Why not put a Halloween spin on the old classic and make some graveyard pot brownies? Cover with some buttercream icing and crumbled biscuit for a dark soil effect. Add some protruding gummy worms, spiders, eyeballs and you’re good to go. Bonus points for body parts if you have an old doll lying around.  

Make sure to be careful. No one wants a THC overload or some super paranoid guests so have some herb free snacks on hand and clearly label the ‘special’ ones. Other themed foods could include some meatball mummies (wrap some dough around them and add olive eyes), cheesy bread stick bones or a dead velvet cake.  

Spooky Decorations 

If you’re the host, you need to make sure your house looks the part. This might mean spending a little bit of money on decorations, but you signed up for this and it will certainly enhance the party vibes. Luckily for you, you don’t need to try too hard and some euro-shop decorations will more than likely be fine. Pick up lots of webbing and some creepy spiders to lurk between, a couple of pumpkins (decorate with a herb leaf), some Halloween bunting, and maybe a few balloons. If you want to go the extra mile with the whole herb theme then buy some leaf bunting online, make some DIY ‘Happy Halloweed signs’ or spray some hairy spiders green. On a night where it is fun to be a little scared, some herb and a few spooky decorations will make things much more exciting. 

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