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Your Informative Guide To Desktop Vs Portable Vaporizers

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Affiliates Namaste 06/12/2018

There are a vast array of vapes currently available on the markets that it can be a difficult decision to choose the right one. When considering the portable vaporizers and the desktop vaporizers how will you know what type suits you and your lifestyle? Well to begin with establishing what type of vaper you actually are is the first-step to solve these issues.

If you are not sure about this, don’t worry. Here is some information that will give you more information on where your actual priorities lie.

What Type Of Vaper Are You?

Hang Out And Chill, Or Out And About?

When do you use a vaporizer the most? Do you prefer a device you are able to travel with or do you prefer vaping while chilling with friends or watching Netflix? Your answer to this question will usually establish what type of vape you are interested in. The desktop units are ideal for homebodies that prefer kicking back and vaping. The portable vaporizers on the other hand are more ideal when you like to take your vape with you when you leave home. These are affordable and more compact, and in the industry of e-cigarettes are also extremely discreet.

Control Your Vaping Experience

In general, the portable vaporizers are made for convenience opposed to extreme functionality. It is hard to find portable vapes that are great for a host of personalization and customized options. So, if you are choosy about vaping experiences, when you are able to control and personalize your temperature settings or any other add-ons, the desktop devices may be better for you. Being a lot larger, the desktop vaporizers offer more control that enhance and improve your vaping experiences.

vaping with friends

Sharing Is Caring, If You Like It This Way

Do you prefer to vape on your own, or share with friends? What scenario appeals more to you? Vaping is often viewed as a great way to unwind after a day at the office. Yet it can also offer a fantastic addition when hanging out with your friends. Yet passing portable vaporizers around is not as fun when compared to gathering around a more powerful vaping-unit. In addition, it can be burdensome to try and drag a desktop unit to bed.

The Vapor Quality

Do you enjoy large vapor clouds? If this is important to you, then a desktop vaporizer that is powerful will be better for you. With the large vaporizers, it is much easier to billow plumes of clouds. Yet if you prefer a more budget-friendly option, there are a few top-rated portable vaporizers to choose from. The desktop vaporizers are typically a lot more expensive.

The Money

The more important consideration in a vaping device will boil down to what you are prepared to spend. Vaporizers can be on the costly side, mainly due to the engineering which goes into these devices. Yet if you are in search of an affordable option, there is many quality and durable portable vaporizers to choose from. The desktop vaporizers on the other hand are going to cost you more.


Ultimately, the vaping device that you prefer should match up to your lifestyle. Your friends may suit portable vaporizers more, while you prefer to relax at home using a desktop vaporizer. Hopefully, this information provided you with a bit more insight on which device to choose.

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