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herbalAire Vaporizers are whip-style, tri-functional vaporizers that are manufactured in Canada. herbalAire specializes in very durable and sturdy units that while not lacking in vapor quality achieved, are also very affordable. Engineered to the highest of standards, using some of the highest quality materials, these are one of the most efficient vaporizers and are considered a Scientific Grade Instrument. These vaporizers are available for Ireland and may just take your vaping experience to the next level.

herbalAire H3 Vaporizer

The herbalAire H3 is a new hybrid desktop vaporizer from the makers of H2.2 and Elite. The H3 is essentially the same as the popular H2.2 but with the added benefit of a raised top like the Elite for higher capacity chamber, and the same mouthpiece as the Elite with its attachable crucible system complete with a cool off chamber. The herbalAire H3 vape is a tri-function vaporizer, which means that it can used with a whip attachment, or a balloon attachment, or you can choose to draw directly from the machine.

herbalAire Elite Vaporizer

The latest model from Canadian manufacturer herbalAire, the Elite Vaporizer takes the quality you love from the H2.2 and improves on it by means of an integrated digital temperature and air pump control. The Elite is relatively compact for a vaporizer of such versatility - it only stands at about 7'' (18cm) tall and is light compared to other vaporizers with the forced air system. Despite its small size though, it’s incredibly versatile. The convection system is powerful enough to vaporize even lightly grounded herbs with some effectiveness. Like other herbalAire models, the Elite is compatible with whip and bag as well as coming with plenty of other functions.

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