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Apollo Vaporizers

A California based company, Apollo focuses on customer service and quality manufacturing. Apollo have brought together a team of expert manufacturers with extensive knowledge on the ins and out of vaping to give this young company a strong foothold in the market. What we’ve got from Apollo is the Airvape X. A sleek and slender, card-like body crafted from durable metal, the Airvape X will be able to fit anywhere. Apollo was founded with the belief that many of the high-end vaporizers out now were too overpriced and saw a gap in the market in order to make their own brand, making space for something affordable but brought quality to the consumer, and now that consumer is Ireland with our quick, UK based delivery hub.

Airvape X 

A personal, dry herb vaporizer that sports an impressive amount of performance despite coming in such a slim, stealthy package. Utilizing a combination of both conduction and convection heat, The Airvape X does a fantastic job of giving you a delicious taste with pretty big clouds of smoke to follow. It’s so small, it fits in the palm of your hand and with it only being a few centimetres thick, it can fit in the very corner of your bag or slip down your back pocket and no one would ever know what it was. It’s almost a shame this vape is so stealthy, because the Airvape X comes in a variety of slick, chromatic colours that make it pleasing to look at.

What else can we say about this vape. Oh wait, that’s right. It vibrates when it’s ready, meaning when you want it you’ll know the very second it’s ready. It has a 1.3” display that shows both battery level and temperature settings, and just for that extra bit of safety, after you’ve used it, the Airvape X has an auto-shutdown timer.

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