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Arizer have made a good 'ol name for themselves with a range of functional and impressive products for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for an on-the-go portable vape or a desktop session vape, Arizer is the company to go with because that name means pure quality. Arizer, based out of Canada, has become one of the top manufacturers known for high-quality vaporizers, focusing on building easy-to-use vaporizers that nonetheless provide the user with the highest quality vaporizing experience. The Arizer Solo and Extreme Q, followed by their 2015, Arizer Air, are some of the most popular vaporizers available today and are ready for quick and easy shipping throughout Ireland.

Arizer Solo II

With a stainless steel chamber and a ceramic heating element leading into a glass pathway, you know with this vape that you’re getting quality flavour. Its an unrivalled purity. The Solo II contains several improvements over the original Solo, such as a full LCD display for full control over the temperature. How much control over the temperature you have is also a dramatic improvement as you can set it to the degree but comes with an option to allow the vape to jump 10 degrees at a time as its adjusted, making it much faster to prepare.

Arizer Extreme Q

The Extreme Q is a functional and versatile desktop vaporizer that is compatible with both whip and bag methods of vaporizing. Specializing in dry herbs, the Extreme Q uses ceramic heating elements to deliver a much better flavour to your draws. The flavour is definitely there, but what about that vapour quality? Well, all that credit goes to the revolutionary cyclone bowl design. With this system, the air is distributed evenly in a vertical direction for potency. As a nice little extra, the Extreme Q also comes with a remote control to turn it on and off.

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