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Boundless Vaporizers

Boundless have built their company on the tenant of innovation. They began with their first model, the CF, and since then have been delivering quality and affordability, especially to Ireland. Boundless’ approach has been focused on user experience, coming up with new ways to keep their prices low and models portable while making more leaps with their convection systems. When designing their models Boundless made sure that they've covered every need you may have when it comes to vaporizers. We also have a wide range of Boundless replacements piece and accessories available

Boundless CF Ireland

The Boundless CF is the ultimate example of what Boundless are striving to accomplish with their range. We’re looking at is the pinnacle of affordable conduction/convection heating here with a chamber that produces a fantastic taste. The CF, like some of the other models, work perfectly well on whatever kind of chamber they’re filled with. It’s a large chamber but works just as well half filled and even manages to be delicious and hearty on ungrinded herbs.

Boundless CFX Ireland

The Boundless CFX Is everything that the CF is, only supercharged and with a lot more features. First noticeable difference this monster has is that it’s got a 1.7” OLED display for precision temperature controls. It’s also very comprehensive, telling you everything you’ll need to know before you draw. What else the CFX has over the CF is that it does take a much shorter time in order to charge, meaning it can be there for you all the sooner.

Boundless CFC Ireland

If the Boundless CFX is the older brother to the CF, then the Boundless CFC is the younger brother. Still somehow retaining the same basic aesthetic principles, The CFC acts more like a vaping pen, being so much more portable and discreet than the other models, but even at this reduced size, it managed to hold onto some of that high-powered quality.