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*excludes Pax, Firefly, DaVinci, Storz and Bickel Vaporizers
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What we have for you is a few pieces of CloudV technology which is a multi-award winning company, including several awards given for best product, 8 of which have come from High times magazine. Having been formed in 2012 in California, CloudV has grown into a company that specializes in vaping and E-nail gear and tries to develop the products of tomorrow through design and innovation. These might just be the perfect vapes for the Ireland market. Whether you’re looking to vape Dry Herbs or concentrates, you can’t go wrong with a CloudV product because with CloudV beside you you’re bound to find the right vaping gear for you.

Cloud V Electro

The Cloud V Electro has proven to be a very popular vaporiser in 2016 with excellent durability and perfect vapour quality. Its dimensions are 5.86 Inches X 1.6 inches wide and has a chamber size to hold .3g to .4g of medicinal herbs.

The dry herb chamber has 2 temperature settings and uses convectional heating vaporize the material. It features a heating chamber that has 2 optimized temperature settings for your dry herb products: 190 °C/375 °F (Blue Light) and 210°C/410 °F (Green Light). With no combustion, you will experience nice big clouds and a clear smooth taste.

The unit is very well built and should last you awhile, taking all of that session abuse as you go. In fact its one of the more sturdier models on the market today. With glass this thick, it should be able to take a few bags and knocks and, if you opt for the extra bubbler, it’s worth pointing out that it's spill proof.

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