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Developed by Karma, DaVinci Vaporizers are among the most advanced portable vaporizers on the market today - whether you are a seasoned professional or a first time buyer. All of their portable vaporizers come with precision temperature control, excellent battery life and fantastic craftsmanship. All things a real, Irish vaper can really appreciate. Check out the best-selling DaVinci IQ and the older version DaVinci Ascent. DaVinci is a company that has pinned their good name and the innovations and sheer intellect of their devices. DaVinci stays competitive by making their devices with smartphone apps, full temperatures controls and a UI that is a cut above the rest on the market.

DaVinci IQ

Launched in December 2016, but is quickly making its way over to Ireland, the IQ sold out immediately and has continued to challenge leading brands year after year. In terms of build quality, DaVinci went and gave the IQ a zirconia ceramic bowl as well as mouthpiece and pathway, making for an excellent flavour overall. And if that wasn’t enough, the DaVinci IQ also comes with a flavour chamber where you can store a secondary amount of herbs which’ll get partially vaporized as you take your draw, imbuing your vapor with a little extra flavour.

DaVinci Ascent

The DaVinci Ascent has a glass lined, ceramic heating chamber and an all glass pathway which allows for truly clean and great tasting vapour of top quality. The ceramic chamber uses conduction to heat the material and has an average heat up time of 50 seconds. The battery life on the Ascent is very impressive with you being able to get 3 hours of continual usage out of it.

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