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Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry Herb Vaporizers Ireland

What can we say about the classic Dry Herb. It’s an icon, and was the only thing that the marijuana movement of the 60’s was about. So good to use, and yet so healthy for you and still marginalized by ridiculous, fear-mongering laws. Technology keeps moving forward. We’re talking more these days about all of the latest vaporization and dabbing methods but we can’t forget how important the traditional bud is, and how important it is to handle it properly.

Vaporizers. Since the dawn of the water pipe has there ever been such an amazing smoking tool been created. Convenient. Healthy. Delicious. Compared to the older methods, there’s no real downside, and here at NamasteVapes.ie, we have the best portable vape pens, bulky, powerful vapes, all kinds of vapes for sale. The Ireland market is primed and ready for this latest experience. Marijuana legalization is just a stone's throw away and this good bud is already in heavy use so why not catch up to the rest of the world now and see what all this buzz is about. 

Dry Herb Vaporizers Ireland - Best of the Best

The thing that elevates the vaporizer above all the other smoking tools is in how it heats the herbs. Rollies or bongs burn the herbs, releasing all their chemicals in a large plume of smoke which you inhale. See, a vaporizer just heats the herbs up to their sp-called boiling point, which makes them naturally release their cannabinoids which means no other chemicals taint the smoke and it can mix naturally with the oxygen in the air and water, making for a fresher, healthier taste. It’s known that vaporizing marijuana removes 95% of all of the harmful terpenes and tar that is found within standard, combustion created smoke, so just think about how much healthier for you vaporizing is than smoking with papers. In the short term, these harsh, harmful chemicals are what hurt your lungs and removing them makes the overall smoking session a lot easier. In the long term, this purified THC vapor is actually known to help prevent certain conditions like lung cancer.

Your standard portable Dry Herb vaporizer is the pinnacle of convenience. Never before has it been so easy or so discreet to smoke on-the-go. You can easily have a couple of sneaky draws throughout the day and with your Dry Herb vape, no one will ever know. Worried about people seeing? Most vaporizers look like either just a high end gadget or a regular E-Cigarette. Worried about the smell? Just mix in a few aromatic herbs, like mint or raspberry, which most vapes allow, and no one would be able to tell what it is. The flavour on a dry herb vape is second to none. 

Dry Herb Vaporizers Ireland - Benefits

The efficiency on a vape is also a lot better than on most other smoking tools. In a closed environment, such as on a vaporizer, there’s nowhere for the smoke to bleed from, meaning you’re getting close to 100% of all the smoke created by the vaporizer. What this means is that, with a great portable vape, you’re getting the most out of your herbs, meaning they last longer and saves you money in the long run. A vaporizer, like a bong, is the kind of big purchase you make once in a few years and you want to last you. It becomes your go to smoking item and the last thing you want to do is cheap out. Unlike a bong however, which is usually going to be made out of glass, there’s far less risk to a vaporizer breaking. Most vaporizers are built to last. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our fantastic collection of the finest Dry Herb Vaporizers currently on the market!


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