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The original premium vaporizer the Firefly 2 is a standout among its peers with its unique convection heating system and glossy high tech design. This new piece is ready right now for distribution in Ireland. The original Firefly was discontinued due to the newly released Firefly 2 Vaporizer. The Firefly brand is gaining major popularity with the release of the Firefly 2 which is now available for order! We ship all Firefly Vaporizers from the UK directly and discreetly, so the Irish get them extra fast, so you can buy in confidence. The Firefly 2 is an excellent vape for herbs, oils and concentrates and also comes available in a few different colours.

Firefly 2

By the time it was released, the Firefly 2 had already become one of the markets most anticipated products. The Firefly fell into fans hearts for its unique and innovative manual control which allowed vapers to take the draws they want their way. The advancements of the tech is only matched by the modern design of the vape which also allows for quick and efficient vapor production.

The Firefly 2 comes with an optional free app for iOS and Android users to control the temperature settings and save your preferred session presets. You can even customize your touch sensor activation from the Firefly app meaning you get what you want every single time. It fully charges in 45 minutes on it's new feature cradle charger which connects to USB so you can charge from your laptop or phone or tablet charger cable. It also heats up in 3-5 seconds - which is one of the fastest heat up times in any vaporizer to date.

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