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One of the few vapes to have ever been made in Ireland, The GoBoof company are being headed by their first and flagship product, the Alfa. Great control over heat, powerful 2+ hour long battery. The Anodised oven also ensures even heating throughout. The Alfa is being described as one of the perfect vaporizers for outdoor get-togethers and trips. Goboof has said that they built the Alfa with busy lifestyles in mind while still being compact, stylish and contemporary.

GoBoof Alfa

Here and now we’re gonna answer the ancient question, “does size matter”? The answer; “Only when it doesn’t skimp on that quality vapour production”! The GoBoof Alfa is sleek and subtle portable vaporizer which is also built using the best materials and has a sturdy and compact design. The GoBoof was built with the love of the outdoors in mind. This vaporizer was intended to be used whilst out and about and GoBoof ensure that it is tough enough to suit any lifestyle. Some of the standout features with the GoBoof Alfa are the precision temperature control system, the overall robust and subtle design and the compact, sturdiness. All of these features combined make up one of the most efficient and accessible vape on the market.

The Alfa has 5 different heat settings, but is efficient enough to produce quality vapour at the lowest of them! The battery doesn’t take too long to charge, but should last you most of the day! If you’re thinking this is the kind of vape that could fit into your life for the next few years, you’d be right, as it’s also made of quality materials and cleaning is simple and only required every couple of uses!

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