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Grizzly Originals

Developed in-house by us here at Namaste Technologies, we don’t just know about vapes, we have a real passion, as well as the vision to design, develop and commercialize our very own product. This vape is our pride and joy, and we're ready to bring it to Ireland. With the Guru beside us, we aimed to completely revolutionize the idea of a universal vape. Everything about Grizzly vaporizers was designed to bring vaping to people as easily as possible, which is why the Guru can also be used while charging if needs be. Namaste Technologies developed this piece out of a love for those who like to vape daily and for those who don’t always get everything they want in a single vape.

The Guru

The Guru by Grizzly Originals is a new universal portable vaporizer. It is a first in the vape market to combine the ability to vape both dried aromatherapy blends and 510 threaded liquid and wax atomizers. With a medical grade ceramic heating chamber and a glass pathway, it’s just at that market leading level of quality. Battery life, temperature control and digital displays, there’s nothing about this vape that has been skimped on. Grizzly Originals have created one of the most perfect jack-of-all trades vapes we’ve ever seen that hasn’t skimped on any of its aspects which still allows it to be it delicious and efficient.

Designed in Canada and manufactured in China, The Grizzly Guru is a full temperature controlled model that works reliably for 2+ hours of use on a full charge of the lithium ion battery. The Grizzly Guru really can do it all. Dry herbs. Concentrates. E-Liquids. No problem. The secret to this level adaptability is the fact that this portable vape comes with a set of removable heads, with each one having a different function. This modular design allows the guru to vape pretty much any form of standard herbal consumables.

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