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Gardening has been proven to be an incredibly therapeutic and rewarding hobby or past-time. Here at Namaste we recognize this and there Is no better feeling than when the time comes to harvest your plant and you can reap the rewards!  

Regardless of your gardening experience, we here at Namaste have a variety of kits for you to choose from that are not only made from the highest quality materials, but also are some of the leading brands in the indoor gardening market at the moment, and we here at Namaste are proud to sell them! Before we go into detail about the wonderful growing equipment that we have to offer, we feel it is important to mention that gardening and growing your own plants is not as difficult as you may think, once you have all the tools you need you’ll be growing your own in no time! Here at Namaste we take pride in providing the best of the best out there and when it comes to growing your own, you simply can’t get much better than what we have to offer! So, what are you waiting for? Go get kitted out now and you’ll be well on your way to getting your green thumb!  


When it comes to indoor growing one of the most important aspects of it is regulating the amount of light your plant is exposed to at any given time, this can be one of the most expensive tools you would have to buy when setting up your indoor garden, but here at Namaste we believe that, of you are serious about growing your own plants, it can be seen more of an investment, as eventually when the time comes to harvest your plant, you’ll be getting your money’s worth!  

Founded in 2015 MIGRO were quick in their rise to fame, creating grow lights from the highest quality materials MIGRO have revolutionized the indoor growing industry. Rather than focusing all the heat onto the centre of the plant, MIGRO Grow Lights evenly disperse the heat across your plant, promoting healthy and even growth throughout your plant. As if that wasn’t enough the MIGRO also comes in a variety of sizes, so no matter what size of space that you have in your home, there’s always room for the MIGRO. Here at Namaste we are proud to sell the MIGRO 100, 200, 400 and 600! So, what are you waiting for? Get your very own MIGRO Grow Light now!  


Founded in 2001, BCNL have been in the indoor growing industry for a long time and are still regarded as the top producers of indoor growing equipment! When talking about BCNL three words come to mind; sustainable, reliable and efficient! Here at Namaste we are delighted to sell BCNL’s products, they are the world’s leading producers for indoor growing environments, The BloomBox, The RoomMate, The Producer, The MotherShip and the Grow Box Dryer are high end products that if used correctly, will guarantee a fruitful harvest! All these products are available here at Namaste and each of them was made with precision engineering and with the customers' needs as a top priority, resulting in some of the finest pieces of kit that we have ever seen!  


The Hydrogarden is one of the newest additions to our grow family here at Namaste and we couldn’t be more excited! With everything you need to get started in one package, the HydraGarden Grow Tent Bundle is the perfect piece of kit for novices! Kickstarting your indoor growing journey the right way, you simply can’t get much better than this!