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Inhalatar is a company from Quebec, Canada who, in 2009 started by just a small group, began creating their vaporizers based on phyto-distillators and capsule heating technology. All in all, the devices made by this company are very interesting and you’ll rarely find such unique and innovative designs belonging to just one company. These vapes are so unique, you may end up getting one of the first in Ireland, so make sure you check out these vapes. Inhalatar have a patented convection-conduction system as hot air passes over the herbs as the chamber walls also superheat, thanks to the capsule shaped chamber which fits inside a heating core. All of these innovations have come from extensive research and testing from the Inhalator team to bring you the best vapes possible.

The Inhalater Vaporizer

The Inhalater is an advanced portable vaporizer which is compatible with blends, oils and concentrates, making it a very innovative portable vape. The Inhalater has an advanced heating chamber which efficiently vaporizers your dry herb materials. The Inhalater is a very accessible piece and can be used by anyone, which makes it a good option for first time buyers. The Inhalater also comes with interchangeable batteries and a micro USB port make charging convenient and makes vaping on the go extremely easy and efficient. Like many of the newest portable vaporizers on the market at the moment, the Inhalater can be used while charging. A fantastic convection heating model, with medical grade components. A complete set of extra features, such as a 10 setting temperature flexibility, a near 2 hour long continuous battery life on a full charge and a loading system built around capsules for extra ease of use.

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