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Palm offers compact and discreet portable vaporizers that are very simple to operate and can reach vaporizing temperatures within seconds. It can easily fit inside your pocket or purse and can be used almost anywhere without bringing attention to yourself, making it perfect for Ireland. The Palm Vaporizer comes in a large variety of colors and includes everything you need to start vaporizing right away.

For their simplicity, size and effectiveness when it comes to convection heat, Palm vaporizers are often compared to Magic Flight products, which is a compliment all in itself. Now granted, a lot of that comes from the fact that Palm vaporizers use manual control by pushing in a battery the same as Magic Flight, but the taste is certainly there and it’s strong.

Palm 2.0

The latest model from Palm, this small and compact little piece not only features an all glass vapour pathway, but also comes with a convection oven, giving you a little taste of what some of the more high-end models are able to do, but in your pocket. The 2.0 is incredibly versatile, able to vaporize dry herbs, aromatherapy herbs, waxes and oils easily. It’s got a creating design, built out of strong materials so it can last you a while and has a system with near instant heating.

Palm 1.0

Palm’s first flagship model. Still sporting a manual controlled, direct inhalation system, this vaporizer was enough of a competitor for other systems such as the MFLB to warrant a sequel. This vaporizer, in its day, was incredibly delicious and very efficient with your herbs. Palm have moved on, but their original design still has a competitive place on the market, so if budget is a concern and you’d like something similar to a Launch Box, this might be the vape for you.

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