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The Pinnacle Pro vaporizer is one of the most efficient portable vaporizers on the market. Featuring a sleek and compact design, the Pinnacle Pro is ideal for mobile vaping. A long battery life and a fast, 90 second heat up-time means you won't be tied to an outlet or forced to wait. The Pinnacle Pro DLX kit includes the HydroTube attachment which delivers improved performance. The Pinnacle is available now in Ireland so check out yours today. The Pinnacle Pro includes multiple heat settings which grant one more control over the vaporizing experience, one of the many reasons it is our top-seller.

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

An updated version of their old Pinnacle Classic; the Pinnacle Pro. A great model that vaporizers both dry herbs and oil incredibly fast. You can go from loading the chamber to taking your first draw in less than a minute. A lot of nice little extras come with this piece, like the LED assisted heads up display for battery and temp as well as a chamber that can vaporize all of the previously talked about materials, instead of having to switch in different components depending on what you want.

Pinnacle Vaporizer

With all the Pinnacle line. Their main concern is usability and what these vapes can do for the consumer. That’s why this vape is so easy to use. With a very easy loading system and removable heating bowl and chamber, the Pinnacle can be cleaned very easily as well. The vape is made of high-impact plastic that’s very durable, but don’t worry, it’s a plastic that won’t seep into the flavour of your draws. All in all it’s a great vape to have during the day. Good to carry around, great amount of stealth to it and a delicious, on-demand vapour production.

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