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Developed by Discreet Vape, the PUFFiT line of vaporizers offer silent and discreet design to the world of portable vaporizing. PUFFiT vaporizers have a compact design that make it a great option for vaporists in Ireland who are always on the move. The PUFFiT features an intuitive design and is extremely accessible, extending temperature control to the user, allowing users to alter and adjust the vaporizing temperature for your desired vaping temperature.

PUFFiT 2 Vaporizer 

The newest PUFFiT Vaporizer available, the PUFFiT 2  features a redesigned thermal alloy, gold plated heating chamber aimed to produce more vapor than ever. Internal microprocessors also keep the temperature consistent, making for quality vapour. What you notice about the design for the PUFFiT 2 is that it looks exactly like an inhaler, giving you the stealthier edge over those around you. Anyone who just catches sight of this vape just in your pocket or bag won’t be able to tell the difference. The new design is more compact than previous models but still manages to pack at least 75% longer battery life.  Given that his amazing little model is only 3.5 inches in height and 1.8 inches in width, it's a wonder how they’ve pack so much power into a vape so small.

Also, making your life a lot easier, the PUFFiT 2 has a new modular design which allows for users to quickly and easily replace swappable batteries. The PUFFiT 2 is versatile and features new compatibility with aromatherapy concentrate solids as well as regular dried blends.

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