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Pulsar is a manufacturer trying to bring vapes to the people. Pulsar believe that every person is unique and that vapes need to be designed to suit their needs. Pulsar’s premium vaporizers offer smooth and delicious vapor and has options for aromatherapy to add different flavours, enhancing the herbs or concentrates you’re using. The aromatherapy functions on these vapes are amazing and utilize the latest technologies to give them an edge over their competitors. Pulsar run off of one simple philosophy: better vaporizers at better prices, and now these amazing vapes are available in Ireland.

Pulsar APX Ireland

The Pulsar APX is an incredibly small wax vaporizer. At only 3.5 inches, this vape is incredibly discreet and stealthy. Normally this kind of stealth is given to dry herb vaporizers but here we have a great on-the-go vape for wax concentrates. Not only stealthy, but it’s also very easy to use, incorporating a single button system that requires multiple clicks to turn on so that it doesn’t activate in your bag.

Unlike many low-price vaporizers, this vape really does have true vape quality. Now, a lot of vaporizers at this price point accidentally combust the herbs, but not the Pulsar APX. Not only is it true vaporization but it actually puts out a very satisfying and flavourful amount of vapor. This great quality comes from the triple quartz coil atomizer. Quartz is a build material that is only now being used, making good competition for the classic ceramics. The vapor is distributed evenly throughout the vape, adding to itself a hint of convection quality, before moving towards the borosilicate glass. This whole vaping process takes less than ten seconds so this is really one of the best vaporizers we’ve seen for on-demand dabs.

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