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Offering versatile vapes that complement an active and on-the-go lifestyle, the QuickDraw Vape Pen was created in order to provide high-quality vaporization experiences to both seasoned and inexperienced users alike. Would you believe it if a company finally figured out the secret to having a functional 3-way pen system? Many attempts have been made, especially in the last three years to create a small form vape pen that can vape herbs without combusting them, as well as eLiquids and waxs/concentrates, etc.

QuickDraw 300 Vaporizer Pen | Ireland

Enter the QuickDraw Vaporizer Pen. With a very smart and user-friendly design, the QuickDraw 300 Vape Pen is pushing ahead into a new era for portable vaporizers.  Not only does it have a slick and subtle design, the QuickDraw DLX 300 performs so well, it rivals a lot of portable vaporizers.

The 300 is basically the swiss army knife of all vaporizers. That’s the benefit of the smart-cartridge system the vaporizer works off of. So what is the smart cartridge system? Well, it is a set of three magnetically detachable chambers, each compatible with a different material. Dry herbs, liquids and concentrates. The switching is seamless and the system is smart enough to know the best temperatures for each material depending on the cartridge. With a long lasting battery and a quick, 60 minute recharge time, this is a vape that you can really set your life around, and no matter what the material is, this dependable litle model will be there for you. Flexible and stylish, it’s the perfect addition to any vapers busy lifestyle.

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