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Vapor Brothers

This is the company that started it all. Established back in 1999, VaporBrothers is the original manufacturer of the box-style vaporizer. At this time, vaporizers were just becoming known to enthusiasts, but were virtually unheard-of for the rest of the world. Vapor Brothers’ direct method was surprisingly effective and changed people's lives almost immediately. For the last 10 years, the Vapor Brothers have been providing customers with the highest quality whip-style Vaporizers but they've only recently come to Ireland so I think its time you got yours.

Vapor Brothers Vaporizer

The Vapor Brothers Hands Free Vaporizer is one of the most popular and best selling box style Vaporizers around the world. The pure mineral ceramic heating element that Vapor Brothers Vaporizer uses, ensures a toxic-free operation and has a very quick heat up time. The Vapor Brothers spent 2 long years of research and development trying to perfect their advanced heating element and thus create the perfect vaporizer.

DLX+ Vaporizer

Only from NamasteVapes, the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer can be purchased ready to go with a large 18mm Water Tool and the necessary adaptors. To use the 18mm borosilicate water tool, we include a glass whip adapter and small 14mm to 18mm component to create a simple but snug connection. All components fit together via ground glass to make for easy, stable handling. The included whip adapter is designed to fit tight into the one provided with the vaporizer. The DLX+ kit is popular for filtering and cooling vapor with water. The large 18mm glass water tool provides more area for this to occur, making an exceptionally cool and gentle vapor.

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