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VaporBlunt is a vaporizer company born in Southern California, USA. Better known as VaporB vaporizers. It provides its customers with a wide variety of portable vaporizers which meet different needs depending on the model to choose. This company has not skimped on technology. VaporBlunt vaporizers are compact and portable units with great design and performance. VaporB have actually gone for plastic with a lot of their builds, but that plastic is of a high quality and has a consistent and firm weight, so if anything it adds to the vape. All of these really great, very reasonable innovations come to Ireland at a competitive price point that most willing vapers could afford.

VaporB 2.0 Vaporizer 

The second incarnation of VaporB’s flagship product, this handy little vaporizer is compatible with both dry herbs and oils. What can we say about this piece. Straight away, comparing it to its predecessor, you can see where all of the innovations have gone as it’s almost half as small as the vape that’s come before it but without losing any essential power. The VaporB has pretty simple start up functions with a one-button system similar to other vapes but does have an incredibly fast heat up time of under 90 seconds. With that, and its small size, this might just be the ultimate on-the-go vape. Very sleek and very appealing. Despite the size, speed and stealth that comes with this vape, it’s also worth mentioning that the vapor on it is actually pretty good as well. Very thick and very plentiful.

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