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Founded in 2007, Vaporfection has conducted expansive research throughout the years on vaporization and have believed to have perfected vapor technology. Vaporfection utilizes state-of-the-art engineering in order to design and produce top of the range vaporizers. Using a smart design approach and the best materials available, our vaporizers are guaranteed to give you years great tasting vapor. Vaporfection believe themselves to be of a new generation of modern vape delivery technology. They’ve collected professionals from various different industries to bring the most to their products, from engineers to medical specialists. The temperature and the efficiency on these vapes are completely maximised so if you're in Ireland and ready for a new experience, this could be the model for you.

Vaporfection ViVape Vaporizer

This advanced 2nd generation version of the popular viVape brings new meaning to the pursuit of perfection. The New ViVape includes a new enclosure which houses an updated heating element and touchscreen. The internal heating control has been updated, and can now be used with both 110 and 220 voltage making the ViVape vaporizer international friendly. It also showcases the user-friendly "Vapor Sense" Touch Screen Temperature Control System that allows the user to adjust the vaporizing temperature accordingly. The innovative touch screen also enables the user to configure the delivery method and desired time of use.

The ViVape also uses what it calls set it and forget it technology which is essentially just an automatic shutdown after a certain amount of time for safety. The ViVape also has what they call Vapor Glass technology, which is laboratory glass-on-glass heating element and heating chamber that is perfectly positioned to provide the most efficient vapor possible. Check out this model today because its available to be shipped to Ireland now.

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