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Storz & Bickel (Volcano)

Storz & Bickel Vaporizer company, now famous worldwide for the original classic Volcano and the Digital Volcano, with both desktop vapes having been made by Storz and Bickel since 2002. To this they have added a Storz & Bickel selection of premium handheld vaporizers to include vaporizers like the Volcano Plenty and the popular portable vapes the Crafty Vaporizer and the Mighty Vaporizer. By manufacturing the best vaporizers in their facility in Germany, Storz & Bickel has remained the industry leader in Vapes and continues to maintain a focus on quality and efficiency. Vaporizers by Storz and Bickel became one of the best selling vaporizers in the UK in 2016 and to date continues to be one of the bestselling vapes of 2017. With a strong foothold in the UK, NamasteVapes is able to bring these excellent Storz and Bickel models to Ireland incredibly simply.


Storz and Bickel's leading product Volcano Digit Vaporizer has become a legend among desktop Vaporizer enthusiasts due to its advanced balloon delivery system and high-quality construction. The Volcano Vape is an iconic piece in the realms of the vaporizer world. Some refer to it as THE original vaporizer. It certainly is the original desktop vaporizer. The Volcano has a classic design which is paired with unbeatable power which makes the Volcano vape one of the most loved and most popular vaporizers on the market at the moment. So for those who want German engineering put into their vapor quality. When it comes to dry herbs. Volcano vaporizers UK users will agree that they are the kings.


Another one of Germany’s finest engineering feats, The Mighty is one of Storz and Bickel’s most well loved products, being the go to portable vape for so many fans. The Mighty’s secret comes from its hybrid of conduction and convection heat, allowing it to heat up in a matter of seconds while having an efficient and toasty effect on your herbs.

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