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Easy to use and the most compact

Pen vaporizers are the smallest portable vaporizers, often used for concentrates, oils as well as traditional dried blends. Chambers are small and battery life tends to be lower. If portability and discreetness is what you're after - then a pen is the vape for you.

Portable Vaporizers

Feature packed portable vapes

Portable Vapes find the perfect balance between vapor quality, draw, flavor and the ability to extract the active ingredients whilst remaining discreet and pocket sized. Larger than pen vaporizers but include more features, tend to have a higher quality vapor flavor and longer battery life.

Desktop Vaporizers

Reliable and versatile vapes for the home

Desktop Vaporizers are perfect for home use and sharing with friends. Very efficient at producing vapor, less refills and mains powerered. Most Desktop Vapes utilize a whip system and offer a wide range of methods to inhale, whips, balloons and even water-tool extensions.

Dry Herbs

For vaping dried aromatherapy blends

Blend Vaporizers are capable of vaporizing your favorite dry aromatherapy blends. We recommend using the VGrinde for the most efficient vaporization process.


For vaping oils, waxes and concentrates

Oil/Wax Vaporizers are intended for any type of oil, wax or other concentrate. Some of these Vaporizers feature a cartridge system whereas others utilize an oil dish/bowl.


For vaping blends and concentrates

Dual Compatibility Vaporizers are made for everything. These Vaporizers allow you to efficiently vaporize any type of dry blend, oil, wax or other concentrate.

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“I would just like to say thanks to Corey who contacted me and got my volcano shipped ASAP and thanks to Dave and Beryl from delivery department for taking the time to help get my order sorted, really appreciated and hope you can pass the message on! Thanks again.”


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