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16" Beaker Water Pipe
16" Beaker Water Pipe
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16" Beaker Water Pipe

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Grav Labs NAMNBG10111
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  • Beaker base for even bigger capacity
  • Ice pinch
  • 4mm thick glass

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  • Product Description

    16" Beaker Water Pipe

    This beast is something you'll break out when someone questions who has the baddest set of lungs. It will separate the men from the boys with one single hit. At a massive 16 inches this thing will take down all but the hardest of contenders. The massive beaker base only adds to the power of this tower. The removable down stem has a diffuser to break up the smoke before it stacks in the tube so it will always be cool and clean, but if you want it even cooler they have added their signature ice pinch. They have included a 14.4mm male bowl to fit the 14.4mm female joint on the downstem.

    16 Inch Beaker Water Pipe Features

    • Beaker Base
    • A Towering 16 Inches
    • Diffused Downstem
    • Ice Pinch

    Beaker Base

    This piece features a broad beaker base that gives the bong extra stability and a bigger water reservoir for increased filtration. This added stability is essential for a bong this big and the extra cooling will also ensure that even the biggest hit will go down smooth and easy; the more water the more cooling and filtration!

    A Towering 16” Bong

    This bong will tower above the rest of your collection. It stands a staggering 16” tall, dwarfing any other bong you could have in your collection. This means that every hit you take will be huge and potent, even the most experienced bong fan will struggle to keep up with the monster hits this amazing bong can deliver!

    Diffused Downstem

    The 16” Beaker Water Pipe features a diffused downstem. This downstem will break up any hit that goes through it into smaller bubbles. This increases the overall surface area of your hit, allowing the water to act upon it further and cool your hit further. This, combined with the larger reservoir of the beaker base means that even the mightiest hit you take from this bong will be cool and smooth!

    Ice Pinch

    The 16” Beaker Water Pipe features an ice pinch in its neck for an option that provides extra cooling. The ice pinch allows you to drop ice cubes into the neck of the bong that will be held in the air path. When you take a hit the smoke will flow across the ice getting, cooled to arctic levels! For people who like their hits cool and smooth then this feature is a must have.

  • Technical Specifications
    diameter 44mm
    diffuser Yes
    glass thickness 4mm
    ice notch Yes
    joint Female
    joint size 14.5mm
    material Glass
    percolator No