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1905 All Wood Herb Grinder | From Ryot

Ryot Wood Herb Grinder
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  • All Wood Herb Grinder | From Ryot
  • All Wood Herb Grinder
  • Ryot All Wood Herb Grinder
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Head Chef Razor Grinder/Sifter 50mm
Head Chef Razor Grinder/Sifter 50mm
Grizzly Cleaning Solution
Grizzly Cleaning Solution
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1905 All Wood Herb Grinder | From Ryot

This is a beautifully styled all-wooden grinder that is suited for your dry herb materials. This is a top of the range Wooden grinder and sifter that is brought to us from Ryot and they have guaranteed it is made out of 100% naturally aged and cured Rosewood, so you know that it is a quality piece.  

Ryot are a renowned source for good quality smoking accessories and this wooden grinder is no different, it is clearly precision designed to the last end and includes custom drop through holes that lead way to a stainless steel sifter screen. This sifter screen is fantastic for filtering the good bits of your dry herb materials. The sifter screen then leads way to a lucite tray found within the bottom section.

Ryot have ensured that this grinder is durable, robust and will last you a long time due to the quality of the wood that it is constructed from. So you dont have to worry about this Ryot wooden grinder having it's teeth blunted or that the grinder itself may warp. 

The finish on this wooden grinder is a real eye-catcher. The top of the grinder is adorned with the iconic Ryot logo which is carved into the top of this piece and it is polished to a sheen which gives the grinder a sleek look. 

Features of this wooden grinder

Rosewood construction - strong, durable wood that will last a long time

- Magnetic closures - helps keep the grinder closed when not in use

- Lucite pollen collection tray - Gather all the best parts of your dry herb materials