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3" Upline Taster
3" Upline Taster
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3" Upline Taster

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Grav Labs NAMNPI10281
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In a Nutshell
  • Perfect sized one-hitter
  • Mouthpiece restriction to catch ash
  • 2.5mm thick glass

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  • Product Description

    Grav Labs - 3" Upline Taster

    The Upline Taster by Grav Labs is their most compact piece. At just 3 inches long it is a perfect little one hitter giving a great hit every time you load it up. Made of sturdy 2.5mm glass it has one restriction at the base of the bowl to contain your herb and the three more restrictions near the mouthpiece to aid cooling of your smoke before you inhale.

    3 inch Upline Taster Features

    • Ash Catching Mouthpiece
    • Sturdy 2.5mm Glass
    • Compact
    • Perfect One Hitter 

    Ash Catching Mouthpiece

    Despite its diminutive size this 3” Upline Taster is packed with innovative and useful features that will ensure that your dry herb experience will be fantastic. The narrowed air path in the mouthpiece of this compact one hitter acts as a functional ash catcher, ensuring that your hit won't be ruined by ash being pulled up into the mouthpiece. Grav Labs have proven their skill at packing such an essential feature into such a small smoking device.

    Sturdy 2.5mm Glass

    Grav Labs have a reputation for using only high quality, premium glass in their smoking pieces; and this piece is no different. The 3” Upline Taster is made from high quality 2.5mm thick glass. This gives it a sturdy design that can take everything the average life of a one hitter pipe can throw at it. You can rely on this piece to go the distance and still deliver high quality smoking experiences.

    Compact Taster

    If portability is the most important factor for you then look no further than this fantastic Upline Taster. At only three inches long this piece is exceedingly easy to discreetly carry with you wherever you go. On top of this it is incredibly easy to pack and clean. This piece is perfect for occasional users or those who need a stop gap to keep them going when they’re out and about!

    The Perfect One Hitter

    This compact and easy to use 3” Upline Taster is the perfect one hitter pipe. Its design is the epitome of beauty in simplicity. It has a constriction in the end to allow you to pack in all of enough dry herb in for one sturdy hit. This piece is perfect for herb fans who just want to ensure that they get a quick, solid hit. Easy to load, use and clean; this piece is the last word in compact convenience.

  • Technical Specifications
    diffuser No
    glass thichness 2.5mm
    height 7.5cm
    material Glass