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4" Frosted Spoon
4" Frosted Spoon
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4" Frosted Spoon

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Grav Labs NAMNPI10351
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  • Frosted glass finish
  • Ashcatching mouthpiece
  • 2.5mm thick glass

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  • Product Description

    Grav Labs have taken their classic spoon pipe design and traded out the clear glass for frosted and we think it looks sick! At 4 inches long it's a nice balance between being big enough for a good hit and still being able to fit in your pocket. There is a carb hole for clearing it out when you want and a recessed conical mouthpiece to act as an ash catcher, this is more than just a pretty piece of glasswork.

    With many pipes being swirls of color or even designs, there are very few simple and classy pipes. This, however, is one of them. With the frosted glass exterior, you will be able to enjoy a matte texture experience while you take your hits. The only part of the pipes that are clear are the section just before the mouthpiece, with a mild design cut into it. This is so you can watch the smoke as it passes through your pipe and comes towards you, and you can watch the carb hole in work as it lets the smoke shoot towards your mouth!

    Frosted glass also means less dirt and staining, so you will be cleaning much less often than with a typical glass spoon pipe. The conical ashcatcher will work doubly so then, as it holds all the ash rather than making you breathe it in or letting it sit inside the pipe where it will be harder to clean.

    Overall, this is a gorgeous piece that will become your pride and joy. Easily cleaned, entirely portable, and gorgeous both to look at and touch, this is ideal for anyone with a bit of experience who wants something they can carry around discreetly without any hassle or fuss! Bring it out and about with you while you enjoy your day, and find some true joy with this gorgeous piece.

  • Technical Specifications
    diffuser No
    glass thichness 2.5mm
    height 10cm
    material Glass